ELI, Electronic Library Initiatives

Six Working Groups were established to support the American Digital Imaging Grant project:

1. Product Design & Development
Continue design and implementation of Luna Insight in course preparation, delivery of digital images in the classroom, and for students to study images outside the classroom.

  • Test and implement product enhancements including cross-collection searching, management of A/V clips, multi-view and annotation.
  • Coordinate creation and tracking of desired enhancement list with Luna Imaging, Inc.
  • Develop additional ways to help faculty manage and integrate their own information sources/collections (personal collections).
Karen Reardon, Chair
Brian Kupiec
Fred Martz
George Ouellette

Project Outcomes:

  • Digital Library Cross-Collection Search
  • Insight 5.1 Upgrade
  • Launch of Personal Insight

    2. Expand Digital Collections
    In order to collect and organize up to 100,000 digital images over three years, insure images are appropriately identified, cataloged and organized for course support.

    • Create metadata standards for cataloging images.
    • Evaluate and implement efficient production environment.

    Joan Swanekamp, Chair
    Nicole Bouche
    Lenore Rouse
    Matthew Beacom
    Rebekah Irwin
    Katherine Haskins

    Project Outcomes:
    Guidelines for using Library Metadata Core Fields in Personal Insight

    3. Software Integration
    Explore and evaluate integration of Insight with a variety of packages used across the campus.

    • Explore options for integration of images into classes.yale.edu.
    • Develop additional ways to help faculty manage and integrate their own information sources/collections (personal collections).
    • Explore mechanisms to integrate access to museum and gallery collections.
    • Explore integration with Library tools including SFX, MetaLib and Orbis2.
    Fred Martz, Co-Chair
    Karen Reardon, Co-Chair
    Kim Parker
    Ed Kairiss
    George Ouellette

    Project Outcomes:
  • Insight Group Viewer
  • Visual Resources Image Groups via the Digital Library

    4. Copyright Guidelines
    Maintain guidelines for copyright compliance and respect for intelletual property rights relating to digital images.

    • Develop understanding of using electronic resources for course support.
    • Stay abreast of changes in copyright relating to digital and audio formats.
    Scott Matheson, Chair
    Judith Schwartz
    Jennifer Weintraub

    Project Outcomes:
    Copyright Circulars

    5. Instruction Services
    Develop an instructional tool kit in collaboration with the ELI faculty support teams to facilitate use of digital images in teaching and learning. Specifically design instruction modules about:

    • use of ELI-supported image management systems (e.g. Insight, DL) and campus web course tools ( e.g. classes.yale.edu) by students and faculty;
    • "image literacy" skills to identify, retrieve and evaluate images, using various tools such as Insight, Orbis, Internet, finding aids, and museum catalogs;
    • utilization of images in presentation and "publication" for course work such as creating Web sites, Power Point presentation, and student papers.

    Katherine Haskins, Chair
    Hannah Bennett
    Sue Lorimer
    Susan Brady
    Pam Patterson
    Sarah Coe
    Susan Walker
    Martha Smalley

    Project Outcomes:
    Instruction Group White Paper
    Insight Help Site
    Insight Quick Guide
    Prototype Image Finder Database

    6. Assessment
    Develop and apply systematic assessment throughout the project to gain insights into quality service and product design.

    • Develop methods to evaluate the impact of digital images on the quality of teaching and learning, and evidence gained from application of these methods.
    • Explore pedagogical methods for maximizing the effects of these tools in order to improve student learning.
    • Develop an understanding of the infrastructure support needed for image collection to be accessible and used for teaching and learning.
    • Document and periodically report results.
    Danuta Nitecki, Chair
    Bill Rando



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