Yale University Library
The Haldeman Diaries

Bob Haldeman started his diaries on January 18, 1969 --- two days before Nixon was inaugurated -- and made his last entry on April 30, 1973 when he resigned from office. In addition to the entire text of the diary and a complete presidential appointment logbook, the database contains 700 still images, as well as 45 minutes of video pulled from 30 hours of film shot by Haldeman during his time at White House.

Using the Database

The Main Desktop Window

lets you to choose which parts of the diary to view. As you move the mouse cursor over Haldeman's desktop, you will notice it change over a hand as it is positioned over the diary, the appointment book, the movie projector, the photo album, and the magnifying glass. Click the mouse button to move to the related area.
The Diary
allows you to view the full text of the diary. The bottom of the diary window contains the date controller with which you can print out diary text and move between entries. All of the below options are available within the Diary through the hypertext links. When a term is displayed in a specified color, you can move the mouse cursor over it and click the left mouse button to display related information.
The Calendar
allows you to easily select a diary entry.
The Movie Projector
displays full motion images related to the diary. The controller at the bottom allows you to start and stop the image, and position the movie to any specific image. It displays the text of the narration included in the movie.
The Photo Album
displays photographs related to diary entries.
The Appointment Book
allows to view the President's Weekly Abstract, 1969-1974 kept by the Office of Presidential Papers and Archives.
To Search (Magnifying Glass)
for a specified word, type the word into the "Search For" box and click on the Find button. A list of location where the word appears will be displayed in the list box. To display the related section, double click on the list box entry or click on the Go to selection button.
The Biographies (Folders)
display information about people mentioned in the diary.
The Print menu option allows you to print diary entries. When you choose the Print menu, the dialog box appears. The "All" button is already selected, which will print the entire document you are viewing. If you would only like to print out certain pages, click on the Pages option and specify the page numbers within your document that you want to print. When you are ready to print, click on the Ok button and the selected print range will be printed.
Printing To a File
Sometimes, you may wish to output the diary text to an ASCII file. To do this, you must setup the Generic / Text Only on FILE: option within Windows control Panel. To specify the Generic / Text Only printer type, click on the Setup button within the Print Dialog. When you are ready to print, click on the Ok button and the selected print range will be printed.

For More Information

Consult the on-line help or the user manual.