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This CD-ROM program contains 20 different corpora with more than 17 million words. It also includes software (WordSmith) for breaking down and analyzing the texts provided on the CD-ROM.

Starting the program

Put CD-ROM in the e drive and click on "WordSmith Tools (ICAME)" icon. It will open the WordSmith Tools Help and the WordSmith Controller.

On the Controller, choose "Tools" and "Concord" (the Concordance Tool).

On the Concord, choose "File" and "Start." You will need to choose the text files to work with, from the e drive (e:\texts\frown, for example).

Select the text files you wish to use, then doubleclick.

Using the Concordance Tool

You'll need to specify a search word, and then the word and context search horizons. You can add asterisks, etc., then click on the Start Concordance button.

It will display a spreadsheet of entries, which can be manipulated and then printed and/or saved.


"File" and "Print" will print out the screen.


You can save as a .cnc file (concordance file) or as a .txt file (text file). The "Save as text" function does not work. To save as text, select "File" and "Save As." Choose file as type .txt. That will work.

Note: Both the .cnc and .txt files work best when re-opened in WordSmith. They can be re-opened in Word or Wordpad, but the formatting will be off (i.e. extra characters, etc.).

More information

The WordSmith program has a comprehensive help tool. In addition, the CD-ROM contains a manual which further explains how to use the program.

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