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Philosophy on the Web: Past Masters Full-Text Databases


Past Masters on the web includes the following digital philosophy texts:

  • The Complete Works of Aristotle (English translation)
  • The Collected Works of Thomas Aquinas (English translation)
  • British Philosophy: 1600-1900 (English, Latin, English translation)
  • The Collected Dialogues of Plato (English translation)
  • Political Philosophy: Machiavelli to Mill


Past Masters is available through the Yale Libraries and Collections Web site (requires Yale IP address for access). The URL : http://jeeves.library.yale.edu/pmast/

Using the Database

A simple search can be executed from the query screen in a few easy steps.

Quickest Method:

  1. Type a word at the Search screen
  2. Submit the search by clicking on the "search" button
  3. Click on Document view and read the results of your search

Alternate Method: A slightly longer method offers more flexibility to improve your results.

1. Type one or more words at the Search screen. Since a space is equivalent to a Boolean "and," if more than one word is entered only records with all words will be found.

2. If you want to see a concordance view of your resulting hits, be sure to check the box next to the "Words Around Hits" option.

3. Submit the search by clicking on the "search" button

4. Verify that there are records with hits in the results map

5. Click on the Contents view button at the top of the screen

6. Click on the "all" button to expand table of contents headings

7. Click on the heading of interest

8. Read the text you have found

9. Use the scroll bar and/or the Previous and Next buttons to see all the text found.

Saving and Printing

At the top of the screen in your browser you should be able to select "File"-”Save As” and "Print." You can then use the "Back" button on your browser to return to the initial search screen.

For More Information :

Consult the on-line help, or ask an ETC staff member. Please note: It is highly recommended that you spend a few minutes to learn more about the powerful features of the search engine. This will likely save you time down the road by helping you to limit and thereby improve your search results.

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