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Admyte: archivo digital de manuscritos y textos espanoles.

Admyte is a searchable digital archive of Spanish manuscripts and texts, focusing on materials from the medieval and early modern periods. Its diverse holdings include dictionaries, legal texts, poetry, and other genres, as well as some works in Catalan and Arabic.

Starting the program

Admyte has 2 CD-ROMs of texts and images. Depending on what you are researching, you may need to consult both CD-ROMs. Insert one into the k drive and open up the program.

Once the program is open, the first step is to select the titles or titles you are interested in, under "Option," and "Title Selection." You may choose a single title, multiple titles, or titles by theme. Clicking on the name of the work selects it. Click again to deselect.

The "Presentation" button gives bibliographic information about the title.

Searching techniques Once you have selected a title, you can view a transcription of the text. In some cases, you can also view an image of the text (usually quite difficult to read).

Apart from a straight reading of the text, you can also perform a "find word" function (aka you can search for the appearance of a word, in the selected text or in all of the texts). It will tell you how many times that particular word appears. You can click on the "Go To" button, which brings you to the spot in the text where the word appears.

Printing and Saving

Printing is currently not available. We anticipate having a printer set up by mid-October. The program does not support saving to disk.

More information The program has a help tool. The CD-ROM package comes with a user manual (in Spanish).

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