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Digitale Bibliothek: Deutsche Literatur von Lessing bis Kafka

Deutsche Literatur von Lessing bis Kafka is an installment of the Digitale Bibliothek full-text database. This compilation includes over 70,000 pages of searchable text from the works of 58 German-speaking authors from AD 1717 to AD 1926.


Deutsche Literatur's text is entirely in German, although the user interface may be in English, German, French, or Italian. This help sheet refers to interface options in the format English option (German option). To switch between interface languages, click on the tab at the top of the screen marked Misc. (Diverses), then click on the sub-tab Options (Optionen). Click on the box marked Language (Sprache) on the right-hand side of the screen and select the language of choice from the pop-down menu.

Searching Deutsche Literatur

Using the mouse, left click on the Contents (Inhalt) tab, above the Function Window which dominates the left half of the screen. The Function Window will contain a list of authors next to a column of boxes. Click on a + box to expand the list to show more categories of authors and their works, or click on a - box to hide all of the lower categories on the list. Expand the list until you see the category within which you would like to search, and click on your category. For example, you could search all of Deutsche Literatur or all of Kafka's works. Or you could search Kafka's Romane by expanding "Kafka, Franz", or only Kafka's Amerika by expanding "Kafka, Franz", then "Romane", then clicking on Amerika.

To search for specific keywords or phrases within the chosen document, click on the Search (Suche) Tab on the left side of the screen. Click on the white text box on the upper left hand side of the screen and type the words you'd like to find. Click on a circle on the lower left hand side of the screen, next to the name of the text in which you would like to search. If you would like to browse each occurrence of the phrase in order, leave Match List (Fundstellenliste) unselected. Otherwise, select it to produce a master list of each occurrence. Click on the box marked Search (Suche) to begin the actual search.

If you didn't produce a list, Deutsche Literatur will show you the first occurrence of your phrase in the Text Window on the right hand side of the screen. You may continue to the next occurrence by clicking on the Continue (Weiter) box on the left side of the screen.

If you did produce a list, click on the Passages (Stellen) tab, then the sub-tab Searched (Aus Suche) to see it. For each occurrence it will give the Author (Autor), Book (Buch), Paragraph (Abschnitt), Page (Seite), Position (Position), Edition (Sigel), Edition Page (Konkordanz), highlight Color (Farbe) and any Notes (Kommentar). You may scroll up and down this list using the scroll bar on the right side of the Function Window. Click on an occurrence in the list, and that occurrence will appear in the Text Window on the right hand side of the screen. You may view the text near the word or phrase, or you may scroll through the full text of that document in the Text Window.

Limiting your searches using "and" or "or"

Proceed as you would in a simple search, but after clicking the Search (Suche) tab, enter your text in the boxes at the lower left hand side of the screen, not the upper left. Then, select and (und) to find occurrences of both terms together, or select or (oder) to find occurrences of either term. Terms within parentheses are searched before terms outside the parentheses. Click on Apply (Übernehmen) to enter your terms into the text box at the top of the Function Window. Or, you may use the text box at the top of the Function Window as you would in a simple search, but enter parentheses and capitalized AND (UND) or OR (ODER) operators to link search terms.

Navigating the Text Window

To navigate the Text Window on the right side of the screen, which can display the full text of any document in Deutsche Literatur, use the vertical Function Bar which is in the middle of the screen, between the Text Window and Function Window. The Function Bar has a variety of uses. To move forward or backward in the text, click on the vertical arrows at the top of the Function Bar. Or, use click on and drag the scroll bar which is directly beneath the vertical arrows. To move by larger amounts, click on one of the horizontal arrows beneath the scroll bar. To jump to a page number within the displayed text or anywhere in Deutsche Literatur click on the "#" icon. To display more or fewer pages in the Text Window, click on one of the magnifying glass tools. To highlight passages use one of the five highlighter tools towards the bottom of the Function Bar. The blue highlighter is temporary while the other colors remain for future use. To view a list of highlighted passages, click on the Passages (Stellen) tab, then the Highlighted (Markierungen) sub-tab. To remove highlighting, right-click on the highlighted passage and choose the Delete (Löschen) option from the pop-up menu.

Viewing Full Text Without Searches

Click on the Contents (Inhalt) tab and click on + boxes to show more subcategories, until you see the title of the work you would like to browse. Click on the title of the desired work. Its text will appear in the Text Window, which you may then navigate. Printing and Saving Results Saving selected passages

You can save lists of highlighted or searched passages in files for your future use. Click on the Passages (Stellen) tab, then the sub-tab of your choice, and click on Save (Speichern) tab and save the file as per an ordinary Windows file. You may reuse this bookmark file by clicking on Load (Laden) from the same tab. You must save this file to a floppy disk, since it will not remain on the ETC's computer.

Printing pages

Click on the Misc. (Diverses) tab at the top of the Function Window, then the Print (Drucken) sub-tab. To print a single selected page, click the circle Print as displayed (Seiten wie Bildschirm). Or click DB pagination (Globale Seitenzahlen) to print multiple pages. After selecting a circle, click on the Print (Drucken) box. b

For More Information:

Click on the Misc. (Diverses) tab. The Options (Optionen) sub-tab includes Help (Hilfe) in the German language, as well as a link to

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