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The English Poetry Full-Text Database

The English Poetry Full-Text Database comprises the works of 1,350 poets from 600 to 1900. The emphasis of the database is on the actual text of the poems rather than on textual apparatus and front matter, which are generally omitted. A poet's own notes, however, are generally included.

Searching English Poetry

Standard search allows you to search for keywords within a document and/or document title, to search for documents by a specific poet, and to search by period.

To conduct a search, type your search terms into the search boxes or select them from their browse indexes. You can browse through a list of available search terms for each of the search fields. (Note that you can only search for Poets or Periods by using the browse facility.) Alternatively, you can paste text into the Standard Search window using copy and paste.

Hint #1. You do not need to fill in all of the search boxes to conduct a Standard Search. The more boxes or options you specify, the more limited your search will be and the longer it will take to execute.

Hint #2. To search for words listed below type the words in double quotes, e.g. day "after" day

Summary of Matches
After searching, you will be taken via the Searching window to a Summary of Matches. (If you have minimized a Summary of Matches window and wish to open it again, or if you wish to make it active, select the Summary of Matches icon from the Tool bar or select Window, Summary of Matches).

The Summary of Matches windows summarize the results of searches and allows to view a list of poets/ poems/ brief contextual details or the Full Text of the poem(s) retrieved by the search.

Each poem is listed by poet and title, and the line containing each hit is displayed in the window. The figure in the Hits column represents the number of times your search word(s) or expression(s) appears in that entry in the list. In addition, the top right-hand corner of the window shows you the total number of hits which were retrieved by your search.

Go To
If you know the title or first line of a poem and want to move directly to it you should use Go To:
Table of Contents
allows you to browse through the of contents of English Poetry, listing all the works contained on the disc.
Print the results of your search: Save the results of your search to a file on your hard disk or on a diskette: Data is saved in standard ASCII text format, with the exception of figures which are saved as .BMP bitmap images. Note, however, that any out-of-range ASCII characters will not be saved.

For More Information :

Consult the on-line help or the user manual.

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