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Electronic Texts in CD-ROM format 
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The Bible in English (online only) (Alexandria, VA: Chadwyck-Healey, 1996)
The Bible in English Database CD-ROM contains 21 different versions of the English Bible. In addition to 13 complete Bibles, there are five texts that comprise New Testament only, two that contain just the Gospels, and William Tyndale's translation of the Pentateuch, Jonah and New Testament. Also available at the Yale Divinity Library. For more information, see the Bible in English website, which includes a step-by-step demonstration of the search function. Only available online.
The Bible Library (Oklahoma City, OK: Ellis Enterprises, c1992)
Version 1.1 of this program offers a total of 29 titles: 9 Bibles and 20 reference works.
Bibliografia Nacional Portuguesa
SML CD-ROM Reference Center, Workstation 2
Bibliographie der deutschen Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft
SML CD-ROM Reference Center, Workstation 4
Bibliographie zum Nationalsozialismus (Berlin, Germany: Directmedia Publishing c2000)
 Author: Michael Ruck
SML CD-ROM Reference Center, Workstation 5
Biblioteca Iuris Antiqui (Catania, Italy: Gruppo di ricerca BIA, 1994)
The Biblioteca Iuris Antiqui consists of 3 searchable databases concerning ancient law, all linked with a unique browser. The databases include: FONTES: the most recent edition of "Romtext," an electronic version of texts including all the principal judicial sources gathered by the research group at the University of Linz; OPERA: a complete bibliography (1950-1989) of Roman Law, ancient law, and general ancient history; THESAURUS: a vocabulary of around 9,000 terms specific to ancient law, arranged according to a scheme which reproduces the categories of ancient judicial disciplines, capable of cross-referencing to synonyms and antonyms.
La Biblioteca Total: Un Viaje por el Universo de J. L. Borges (Buenos Aires, Argentina: La Nación, 1996)
Based on Borges's stories La Biblioteca Total (The Complete Library) and La Biblioteca de Babel (The Library of Babel), this program allows the user to wander through an infinitely large library containing books of every possible combination of letters and symbols. The actual texts to be found include selections by Borges, as well as related multimedia presentations: manuscripts, photographs and images, and audio and video segments. For more information, see the website for La Biblioteca Total
Bibliotheque Nationale de France - Catalog General to 1970
SML CD-ROM Reference Center, Workstation 1
Bilderlexikon der Erotik (Berlin: Directmedia, 1999)
Contains over 4000 articles concerning sexuality and its role in literature, art, and social history.
Biografias Historia Geografía y Cultura de la República Argentina EL ATENEO (Buenos Aires, Argentina: Sintesoft, 1997)
This multimedia CD-ROM has information on the history, geography, science, and culture of Argentina.  It contains images, video clips, and audio clips, along with hypertext links.  It allows the user to perform word searches. All instructions are in Spanish.
The Brontës: Major Authors on CD-ROM(Woodbridge, CT: Primary Source Media, 1997)

Reference Materials in CD-ROM format 
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