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DaSinD: Bibliographic index to "Women Writers in Germany, 1945 to the present"
SML CD-ROM Reference Center, Workstation 5
Dictionary of National Biography
SML CD-ROM Reference Center, Workstation 5
Database of African-American Poetry, 1760-1900 (online only) (Alexandria, VA: Chadwyck-Healey, 1996 - ) (requires Yale IP)
A collection of more than 2,500 poems written by African-Americans in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The poets include such widely known figures as Phillis Wheatley and Paul Laurence Dunbar as well as many lesser known writers, and the poems explore a multitude of topics, including abolition, children, civil rights, education, political topics, prejudice, and slavery. For more information, look at the Database of African-American Poetry website. Only available online.
Database of Twentieth Century African-American Poetry (Cambridge: Chadwyck-Healey, 1999)
This database of modern and contemporary African-American poetry includes the collected poems and individual volumes from all of the major movements and schools of Twentieth Century African American poetry.
Databases for the Study of Afro-Louisiana History and Genealogy, 1699-1860 (Baton Rouge, LA: Louisiana State University Press, 1999)
Edited by Gwendolyn Midlo Hall, this database contains over 100,000 records from civil documents, manuscripts, and published censuses. It provides a look into the lives of Africans and people of African descent in Louisiana. The CD-ROM is designed to open automatically once placed in a CD drive. It contains files which can be run in a variety of software programs, including Word, Adobe Acrobat, and Adobe Photoshop.
Days of the Dead (San Fransisco, CA: Dog's Life Prodcutions c1999)
Explore the roots of the Day of the Dead celebration and the way it in which it is celebrated today by the people of Mexico, Gautemala, the Philippines and the United States.
The Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Reference Library volumes 1 and 2 (Oxford University Press and Brill Academic Publishers, 1997-1999)
This project takes the form of an ongoing archive. The purpose of this series is to provide researchers with a comprehensive collection of reference material on the Dead Sea Scrolls and areas of related interest, offering hitherto unparalleled search options. Also available at the Yale Divinity Library.
The Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed (Pixel Multimedia Ltd. and Aaron Witkin Associates)
A searchable CD-ROM of the first published color images of the original manuscripts. Also includes color photos of artifacts, people, historical cites, as well as the leading scroll scholars discussions. Parallel, on-screen English translations of selected manuscripts are available. Also available at the Yale Divinity Library.
Decaracolamr: Vida y Obra de Pablo Neruda (CD Multimedia S.A c1996)
This CD contains the poems of Neruda as well as images and paintings from his life and times.
De Gaulle: un géant dans l'histoire (Villeurbanne: Infogrammes Multimedia, 1997)
A biographical presentation of the life and times of Charles de Gaulle. Includes video, audio, and text. All text in French.
Deporte Cubano: éxitos, secreto y estrellas ([Cuba?]: CEDISAC: INDER, 1998)
Presents the history of Cuban national sports including participation in the Olympics, Pan American Games, and Central American Games, as well as short biographies of individual athletes. Includes video, audio, and text. All text in Spanish.
Deutsche Literatur von Lessing bis Kafka (Berlin: Directmedia, 1997)
A digital text collection representing 58 German authors, from Lessing to Kafka. Over 70,000 pages of material, including not only literary classics but also essays and biographical writings, and also portraits of the authors. Fully searchable with Boolean operators. For more information, see a description of the software from the publisher.
Die Deutsche Lyrik (Alexandria, VA: Chadwyck-Healey, 1999)
Database of German poetry spanning the years 1450-1930. Over 600 authors and 14,500 titles are included. Fully searchable by keyword, author, title, and historical period. Although all poems are in German, the documentation, menus, help screens, etc. are in English. For more information, see the publisher's description of this title.
Die Deutschen Klassiker (Munich: X-libris, 1995)
A digital text collection of over 25 full works from a variety of well-known German authors. Includes not only the works themselves, but also essays, biographical writings, portraits of the authors and illustrations from the works, and a chronology of the authors. Has extensive note-taking and limited searching facilities.
Diario de los Debates de la H. Camara de Diputados (Poder Legislativo H. Camara de Diputados, 1994)
Searchable CD-ROMs containing proceedings of the Mexican Legislature from 1916 to 1994, 7000 diarios and 200,000 pages in all. Also includes the Constitutions of 1857 and 1917 and other materials.
Diccionari de Freqüències, Llengua no Literària: Corpus Textual Informatitzat de la Llengua Catalana (Barcelona: Institut d'Estudis Catalans, 1996)
This CD is a linguistic tool that allows searching of a frequency list of words used in non-literary Catalan. All text in Catalan.
Diccionario Bio-bibliográfico de Escritores de México (1920-1970) (Mexico: Cenedic, Universidad de Colima, 1995)
Browsable, searchable biographical dictionary of nearly 800 Mexican authors spanning the indicated time period. Typical records may include birthdate, birthplace, education, career notes, current job (if living), works published, and picture. All text in Spanish.
Diccionario Biografico del Gobierno Mexicano (Cenedic, 1994)
A searchable CD-ROM of 2551 records from various officials of the Mexican government, including the Presidency, Secretary of State, diplomats, legislators, judicial magistrates, and many others. Includes a variety of information, such as birthplace, affiliation, education, work history, as well as photographs, and is the result of contributions from a wide cross-section of governmental departments.
Diccionario de la Lengua Española: Real Academia Española (21 ed.) (Madrid: Espasa Calpe, Departamento de Edición Electrónica, 1995)
This Spanish dictionary (not a translation dictionary) contains over 80,000 entries, 180,000 definitions, and 40,000 etymologies. Allows a wide range of searching options.
Dizionario della lingua italiana (Editoria Elettronica Editel, 1995)
A searchable CD-ROM containing a dictionary of the Italian language, organized by category. This database is particularly useful for finding specific jargon words such as words related to economics, scientific research, etc. It also contains irregular forms and conjugations of verbs. This is not a translation CD; there is no English on the CD-ROM and the CD-ROM is mainly useful to speakers of Italian.

Reference Materials in CD-ROM format 
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