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Faber Poetry Library (Cambridge, UK: Chadwyck-Healey Ltd., 1999)
This database contains the thirty-one major poets from the Faber poetry list in fully cross-searchable form. The entire text of each poem is included, but indexes of titles and first lines, prefatory materials and notes are excluded. (All volumes are complete, so some duplication of poems occurs.)
FDR (Bellevue, WA: Corbis, 1996)
This multimedia CD-ROM explores the life of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, through pictures, audio clips, primary sources, essays, and commentary.
Film Index International
SML CD-ROM Reference Center, Workstation 6
Fondo de Cultura Económica: Catálogo General, 1934-1992 (Universidad de Colima, Mexico, [1992?])
Contains searchable indices of the publications of the Fondo de Cultura Económica: El Trimestre Económica, Dianoia and La Gaceta del FCE. More than 4500 titles referenced. Default language is English; Spanish and French also available.
Fontane, Theodor (Berlin: Directmedia, 1998)
Contains: Gedichte -- Lieder und Balladen, frei nach dem Englischen -- Vor dem Sturm -- Grete Minde -- L'Adultera -- Ellernklipp -- Schach von Wuthenow -- Graf Petöfy -- Unterm Birnbaum -- Cécile -- Irrungen, Wirrungen -- Stine -- Quitt -- Unwiederbringlich -- Frau Jenny Treibel -- Effi Briest -- Die Poggenpuhls -- Mathilde Möhring -- Der Stechlin -- Wanderungen durch die Mark Brandenburg (Die Grafschaft Ruppin, Das Oderland, Havelland, Spreeland, Fünf Schlösser) -- Meine Kinderjahre -- Mein Erstling: Das Schlachtfeld von Groß-Beeren -- Zwischen Zwanzig und Dreißig.
La fotografía en América Latina y el Caribe en el siglo XIX y comienzos del XX (Colima, Mexico: Universidad de Colima, 1998)
This CD-ROM contains approximately 2500 photographs taken in Latin America and the Caribbean in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Users may browse the photographs by country, theme, or sequentially, or search for photographs by a specific photographer, title, theme, country, or any combination of the above. Also included is an essay by Elías Pino Iturrieta on the historical background of the countries pictured in the database. Default language is Spanish,
French Revolution Analysis System (<Ohio?>: Gilbert Shapiro, 1999)
FRAS is based upon data collected for Revolutionary Demands: A Content Analysis of the Cahiers de Doléances of 1789, by Gilbert Shapiro and John Markoff. This volume provides a full statement of the methodological rationale of the research; an analysis of the origins of the cahiers de doléances in the Convocation of 1789; studies of their authenticity as a reflection of public opinion at the outbreak of the Revolution; and a detailed statement of the sources of coded cahiers. The analyses published in Part IV of Revolutionary Demands as well as those in John Markoff, The Abolition of Feudalism should be studied to avoid re-inventing the wheel, as well as to provide illustrations of possible analyses, and ideas for further work.

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