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Electronic Texts in CD-ROM format
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ICAME Collection (Bergen, Norway: The HIT Centre, University of Bergen, 1999)
The CD-ROM contains 20 different corpora with more than 17 million words. It also includes software for breaking down and analyzing the texts provided on the CD-ROM. For more information, see the description of the program from the publisher.
L'immagine della resistenza in Europa, 1945-1960: letteratura, cinema, arti figurative (Bologna: Il Nove, 1996)
This multimedia kit contains a book, two 15 minute videos, and a CD-ROM, and is the proceedings of a conference held in Bologna in 1995. The book has 4 essays on culture during the Resistance. The first video is on guerillas, Maquis, and partisans in Spanish, French, and Italian cinema, 1936-1950. The second video is on art and the Resistance, 1935-1960. The CD-ROM is on art and the resistance in Emilia-Romagna, 1945-1960.
Index Islamicus
SML CD-ROM Reference Center, Workstation 6
Index to the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers
SML CD-ROM Reference Center, Workstation 5
Index Translationum
SML CD-ROM Reference Center, Workstation 3
Indice dei libri del mese
SML CD-ROM Reference Center, Workstation 4
In medias res: Lexikon lateinischer Zitate und Wendungen (Berlin: Directmedia, 2000)
This dictionary contains over 12,000 Latin quotations and their sources, with German translation. German proverbs and idioms derived from these Latin quotations are also included where possible. Fully searchable.
In Principio (Eindhoven, Netherlands: Elextroson BV, 1995)
Incipit Index of Latin Texts is a CD-ROM database of more than 400,000 incipits (the first words of a work). They are taken from the card files of the Institut de Recherche et d'Histoire des Textes (Paris) and the Hill Monastic Manuscript Library and cover Latin literature from the Pre-Classical Age to the Renaissance. For more information, see the description of the program from the publisher.
Instituto de Relaciones Internacionales: sus publicaciones 1991-1998 (La Plata, Argentina: Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Facultad de Ciencias Jurídicas y Sociales, 1998)
Full-text archive of the publications of the IRI. Includes the journal "Relaciones Internacionales" since 1991, the "Anuario" since 1994, and the series "Documentos, Estudios, Investigaciones Tesis y Libros", as well as other relevant documents. For more information visit the IRI homepage.
International Documentation Network on the Great African Lakes Region (Geneva, Switzerland: Le Reseau, 1997).
A research tool providing access to official documents, maps, and list of Internet sites relevant to the Great African Lakes region.
International Index to Film Periodicals
SML CD-ROM Reference Center, Workstation 6
Also available online FIAF (International FilmArchive Database)
International Index to the Performing Arts
SML CD-ROM Reference Center, Workstation 6
International Medieval Bibliography 1981-current
SML CD-ROM Reference Center, Workstation 1
L'ipertesto d'autore: La famiglia dell'antiquario (Florence, Italy: Università di Firenze, 1996)
A hypertext version of "La Famiglia dell'antiquario" by Carlo Goldoni, this CD-ROM includes multiple editions of the play. It is among the first in the world to attempt to apply genetic criticism electronically, to theorize 'the Author's hypertext.'
Israelisch-palästinensische Verhältnis seit dem Regierungsantritt Benjamin Netanyahus (Marburg: Tectum Verlag, 1999)
A study of the history of recent Israeli-Palestinian relations. Full text Adobe Acrobat presentation; all text in German.
Iter Italicum (New York, NY: E.J. Brill, 1995)
A database of uncatalogued or incompletely catalogued humanistic manuscripts of the renaissance in Italian and other libraries.

Electronic Texts in CD-ROM format
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