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Electronic Texts in CD-ROM format
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The W.B. Yeats Collection (Alexandria, VA: Chadwyck-Healey, 2000)
Contains all of Yeats' major works in all genres, including poetry, plays, criticism, and fiction. Fully searchable by genre, poetry, drama, non-fictional prose or fictional prose, and by keyword, first line or title keyword or first publication date. For more information, see the publisher's description of this product.
Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals 1824-1900
SML CD-ROM Reference Center, Workstation 6
Wing Short-Title Catalogue, 1641-1700
SML CD-ROM Reference Center, Workstation 2
Whitman, Walt: Major Authors on CD-ROM (Woodbridge, CT: Primary Source Media, 1997)
Who Built America? (Santa Monica, CA: Voyager, 1993)
A chronicle of U.S. history from the Centennial Celebration of 1876 to the Great War of 1914. Cartoons, silent film classics such as The Great Train Robbery, maps, sound recordings of famous speeches, newspaper clippings, and detailed historical analyses enliven the story of America's crucial years of industrial and urban growth, immigration, labor unrest and political conflict and reform.
Woolf, Virginia: Major Authors on CD-ROM (Woodbridge, CT: Primary Source Media, 1997)
WordCruncher Texts (American Fork, Utah: Johnston & Co, 1990 - )
Provides full-text, searchable electronic versions of many important works in the Western tradition, including Shakespeare on CD-ROM. Also, you can index new texts that you happen to have or find on the Web using WordCruncher Index. This allows you you to collect statistics such as what words are used in a given book, how many times each word is used, and so on.
World of the Vikings (York, England: Past Forward Ltd., 1995)
This CD-ROM is an interactive multimedia database of Viking life and culture. It offers single and Boolean keyword searching, exporting, and creation of personal collections. The Research Database is the interface for academic researchers. It contains over 3700 images of primary source material, reconstructions, replicas, sites, landscapes, buildings, excavations and artifacts from all parts of the Viking world, all with commentaries by leading scholars.

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