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HISPANAM is a bibliographic database, containing over 170,000 records ranging from 1937 to 1992.  It catalogs works pertaining to the Spanish language, Spanish literature, and Latin American literature.


HISPANAM runs from DOS.  To execute the database program, exit Windows.  At the DOS prompt, type K: to select the CD-ROM drive.  At the K:\> prompt type "hispanam".  The startup screen will appear.  Press the space bar to continue to the next screen, then Esc to continue, then press any key to begin searching.  The first screen you see should be the index list.
HISPANAM has two toolbars.  The first is the menu.  At startup, it reads
Ayuda  Buscar  Arch  Editar  Desplegar  Hyperset Cursor  <time>

The second displays information about your current search.  It reads
HISPANAM  F10 para ver menú  <#hits>  <y>  <AUTO>

To change the language of the menus to English, hit Shift-F10.  Select ROMWARE.  The headers on the message tables can also be changed to English by hitting Alt-F10 and selecting ROMWARE.
Searching HISPANAM
The first step to executing a search in HISPANAM is to select the index (field) you wish to search.  These include general subjects (general linguistic or literature topics, Judaica, writings about a particular author, etc.) and specific fields (author, title, editor, date, reviewer, etc.)  Once the index is open, type the word or name you wish to search for or use the arrow keys.  Once the word is highlighted, press return to accept the choice.  To add another argument, simply highlight the search term and press return.  To add an argument from another index, press F3 and select the new index.  The second toolbar displays the number of hits currently found for your search.  To view and edit the terms of your search, press F4.  Delete search items with Ctrl-D or add new ones with F3.

To add an OR, XOR, or NOT argument to your search, click the mouse on the word AND (or Y) on the toolbar until it changes to the correct operator.  Then highlight and select the desired term as you would normally.  This can also be changed from the Edit Search screen.  The current operator appears to the left of the term; clicking on it with the mouse changes it.

Once you are satisfied with the terms of your search, press F9 to view the first record.  Move forward and backward through the search results using F8 and F7.  To modify your search, press F4.

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