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Sterling Memorial Library CD-ROM Reference Center

This page lists all of the titles available in the CD-ROM Center on the first floor of Sterling Memorial Library with a brief description of each. Use the reference databases to locate articles in journals, monograph series, dissertations, and much more. To locate a specific article or title at Yale, search in Orbis or in the SML Card Catalog for the book or journal title (e.g., t=journal of literary studies).  You can see which issues Yale owns in both the Card Catalog and in Orbis.  When you find a journal in Orbis, type HOL (for "holdings") to see what volumes Yale owns and where they are located.

The CD-ROM Center is located on the first floor of SML, across from the reference desk. Manuals for most CD-ROMs are kept in the reference office.

If assistance is needed, please ask at the Reference Desk.


Workstation 1

Reference Materials
Bibliotheque Nationale de France - Catalog General to 1970
International Medieval Bibliography  1981-current
LIRA (Italian Literature Index)
MLA Bibliography,   1963-1980, 1981-current

Full-Text Databases
Admyte II
Iter Italicum
Library of the Future
Medieval Realms
Performing Arts in Colonial American Newspapers

Workstation 2       

Reference Materials
ABELL - Annual Bibliography of English Language & Literature  
Bibliografia Nacional Portuguesa
Catalogo Colectivo de Fondo Antiguo siglos XV-XIX 
Wing Short-Title Catalogue, 1641-1700
Nineteenth Century Short-Title Catalogue ~ Series I & II 1801 - 1870 ~ Series III 1871 - 1919

Full-Text Databases
Archive of Celtic-Latin Literature
Chaucer: Life and Times
Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Reference, v.1-2
Deutsche Lyrik
Diccionari de Freqüències
Electronic Beowulf
Encyclopaedia Judaica
Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and Interchange
Hypertext in Hypertext
Islendinga Sogur
Kirchenburgen der Saschen
Late Medieval Liturgical Offices
Monasteries in Romania
Montaigne, Le Corpus
Monumenta Germaniae
Musaios (Thesaurus Linguae Graecae, PHI #5, #7)
Portraits of Byzantium
Structuring XML Documents
Schillers Werke
Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
Utrecht Psalter
XML and SGML Cookbook

Workstation 3       

Reference Materials
AIDA (Italian Periodicals)
IBR (International Bibliography of Book Reviews of Scholarly Literature)  1985-1994 and 1995-current
IBZ (International Bibliography of Periodical Literature) 
Index Translationum 
ZDB (German Periodicals and Newspapers) 

Full-Text Databases
Art Theorists of the Italian Renaissance
Bibliotheca Iuris Antiqui
Deutsche Literatur
Digitale Bibliothek-Volumes:
     Literatur von Lessing bis Kafka
     Philosophie von Platon bis Nietzsche
     Goethe - Werke
     Lessing - Werke
     Fontaine - Werke
     Heine - Werke
     Hoffmann - Werke
     Killy Literaturlexikon
     Goethe - Briefe, Tagebücher, Gespräche
     Marx/Engels - Ausgewählte Werke
     Wilpert - Lexikon der Weltliteratur
     Tucholsky - Werke, Briefe, Materialien
     Bilderlexikon der Erotik
Dizionario della lingua italiana
Epochen der Deutschen Literatur
Israelisch-palästinenische Verhältnis seit dem Regierungsantritt Benjamin Netanyahus
Justiz und NS-Verbrechen
Kant im Kontext
Kants gesammelte Schriften
Killy, Walther: Literaturlexikon
LDS Emigrant Roster and Voyage History, 1840-1869
Leopardi, Giacomo: Tutte le opere
Literature of the Spanish Caribbean to 1900
Logos Bible Software 2.0
Mann, Thomas: Rollede Sphären
New Bible Library
Il Seicento

Workstation 4      

Reference Materials

Bibliographie der deutschen Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft
Indice dei libri del mese 
Niles' Register: Cumulative Index, 1811-1849 

Full-Text Databases
American Drama
Civil War: A Newspaper Perspective
De Gaulle: Un géant dans l'histoire
Early American Fiction
Early English Prose Fiction
España en Guerra
Eva Peron: su vida, su obra, su espíritu…
Eva Peron y su época
Faber Poetry Library
French Revolution Analysis System
Letters of Delegates to Congress
Nineteenth Century Fiction
Romania Interactive
Sourcebook of American History
Titanic: The True Story
Turkey and Turkish Foreign Policy
U.S. Foreign Affairs on CD-ROM
U.S. History
W.B. Yeats Collection

Workstation 5       

Reference Materials
DaSinD : Bibliographic index to "Women Writers in Germany, 1945 to the present"
Dictionary of National Biography

Bibliographie zum Nationalsozialismus
Ethics Index 
Index to the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers 
Libros En Venta en America Latina y Espana 
Osteuropakatalog / Bayerische Staatsbibliothek / East European catalogue of the Bavarian State Library Philosopher's Index 
Te Puna/ New Zealand National Bibliography

Full-Text Databases
African-American Newspapers: 19th Century
Apartheid and the History of the Struggle for Freedom
Art and Life in Africa
Biblioteca Total: Un viaje por el universo de J.L. Borges
Camino de Santia
Cervantes: Obras Completas    HELP SHEET
Databases for the Study of Afro-Louisiana History and Genealogy, 1699-1860
Days of the Dead
Deporte Cubano
Encarta Africana
Fotografía en América Latina y el Caribe
Homines: Index
L'immagine della resistenza in Europa: 1945-1960
Instituto de Relaciones Internacionales: publicaciones 1991-1998
Literary Theory
Medioevo Latino      HELP SHEET
Oaxaca: Arqueología y turismo
Poem Finder
Twentieth-Century African-American Poetry
Twentieth-Century American Poetry

Workstation 6      

Reference Materials
Air University Library Index to Military Periodicals
American Film Institute Catalog 
Art on Screen 
Art Theorists of the Italian Renaissance
L'Annee Philologique (Database of Classical Bibliography) 
Complete Index to World Film 
Film Index International 
Historical Statistics of the U.S. 
Historia de España 
Index Islamicus 
International Index to Film Periodicals 
International Index to the Performing Arts 
Royal Historical Society Bibliography
Victorian Database
Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals 1824-1900 

Workstation 7      

Full-Text Databases    * Request from the Reference Desk
(Reference Desk Hours)

Biografías, Historia, Geografía y Cultura de la República Argentina *
Calendar of State Papers, Colonial *
Encyclopedia of Judaism and Dictionary of Jewish Biography *
Encyclopedia of World Cultures *
Haldeman Diaries*
Judaic Classics: Midrash Rabbah *; Mishnah Berurah *; Talmud *; Zohar *
Lessico di frequenza dell'italiano parlato
Native American Experience *
Responsa *
Transylvania Interactive


Full-Text Databases    * Request from the Reference Desk
(Reference Desk Hours)

American Poetry - The 19th Century *
Compact Greek
Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed *
Ephemeral Films
Great Literature
Guerre d'Algerie *
Macbeth *
Maus *
Our Secret Century
Perseus 2.0 *
Poetry in Motion *
Rebecca Project *
Salt of the Earth *
Theatre of the Imagination *
Valley of the Shadow *
Vergil Reference Collection*
Who Built America? *
World of the Vikings *


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