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Late Medieval Liturgical Offices

A database containing nearly 1500 medieval offices, their texts, sources, and chants.


The collection was originally designed to work with a set of DOS search utilities.  These would allow the user to search for all instances of a string of text or one of the many codes used by the author to record information, creating an output file containing each matching line of text and its original location.  Unfortunately, this option is not currently available.  The data files may be searched using Word or a DOS text editor.

To view a data file with Word, the user should open it as a MS-DOS text file in order to preserve the code characters in the document.  The main data files are found in C:\LMO\DATA; ancillary text files are found in C:\LMO\ANCTEXT; chants are in C:\LMLO2\CHANTS; and source files are found in C:\LMLO2\MSS-DATA.

For More Information:

More extensive information concerning this collection, including a full description of the system used to encode the data therein, may be found in the user manual.

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