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Nuremberg War Crimes Trials Database

The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials database consists of four parts: three sets of government documents and the Final Report:

  1. International Military Tribunal (IMT). A 42-volume set known as the 'grey books'. These books contain the trial of the major war criminals, conducted by the International Military Tribunal, with prosecutors from the USA, France, UK and USSR.
  2. Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression. An 11-volume set (the 'red books'). This state department work is an overview of the International Military Tribunal proceedings; much of the documentation overlaps with that in the IMT.
  3. Nuremberg Military Tribunal (NMT). A 16-volume set (the 'green books'). This set includes 12 very well known cases, such as the Kripp, IG Farben and medical experiments cases, with prosecutors only from the USA. The NMT started later than the IMT and often frowns on the IMT as precedent.
  4. Final Report to the Secretary of the Army (TTFR). This is a one-volume final report prepared by Telford Taylor in 1949; it includes the full text of Telford Taylor's monograph, The Nuremberg Trials, War Crimes and International Law (1949), as Appendix B.
Note: the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials database is a DOS application and uses Function, <Alt> and <Ctrl> keys for commands.

Starting the program Click on the Nuremberg War Crimes icon.

Hotkeys and Function Keys

Space, PgDn, Enter Go forward one page
PgUp, - Go back one page
F Go forward n pages
B Go back n pages
L Hypertext links
U Return from link
S Search for word
M Display list of matching documents
Alt-P Print document
I View index
N Next page in search
P Previous page in search
% Cut out block of text (for downloading)
W Write page to file
X Extract document
D Select document
> Next document
< Previous document
Q Quit/exit program
G Go directly to page
R Range restrict
@ Set proximity
C Capture file on/off
E Run external program
A Add a new link

Searching techniques Type S to get to the search window. Type your search word, e.g. Auschwitz. If the set of hits is more than 1000 a message will appear. Type Y and to continue. Use the above hot keys to display and move through the documents. The hits are highlighted in yellow.

Connector Terms (aka Boolean operators)

    & searches for documents which include both terms in the same document. It will narrow your search, e.g. Auschwitz&Farben.

    ! searches for documents which exclude (not operator) the term following the connector. It will narrow your search, e.g. Auschwitz!Farben.

Printing and saving The printing capability of the database is very limited, i.e. it only lets you print the entire document, not selected parts of the document.

Instead of printing, it's better to download selected text to a disk. To do this, highlight the text by pressing %, move to the beginning of the text that is to be highlighted, then and follow on-screen instructions. Write a:\filename.ext in the File Name box. Note: the program only lets you select text on a single page. If you want more than a page worth of data, you should download the entire document to a disk. Use the "extract" command and the document will be exported to a disk.

Exiting from the Database To exit from the database, press Q.

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