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The Pennsylvania Gazette, 1728-1783

Published by Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia, The Pennsylvania Gazette was one of the most important newspapers of the colonial period. This database includes all advertisements and articles pertaining to the Western Hemisphere, from the Canadian Maritimes to South America. The four disk set contains 100,000 records of both fully-searchable texts and accompanying digital images. This database is divided into:

FOLIO I (1728-1750) "Benjamin Franklin's Newspaper."
FOLIO II (1751-1765) "The French & Indian War."
FOLIO III (1766-1783) "The American Revolution."

Using the Database

"Quick Start"

Access the program and press a space bar to activate the Query Screen. This screen displays the following three windows:

Words Window -- Left window that contains a full concordance of each different word and number appearing in the database.

Results Window -- Right window that displays the number of articles in the database found to contain your query. Press <Enter> to view full text of articles.

Query Window -- (Horizontal Window at the bottom of the screen) Type the word you are searching for and press <Enter.> Articles containing search words are displayed in the chronological order.

Search Methods

Simple Search -- Type a word in the Query Window and press "Enter"
Example : Smith

Word Grouping -- Any query of two or more words should be enclosed in quotation marks:
Example : "John Smith"

Omitting the quotation marks will bring up articles containing the names John and Smith which may not be related to one another.

Wildcard Search -- is used when the actual spelling or word length may be unknown.
Example : Smith* This will find Smith, Smithe, Smithey, Smithfield, etc.

Boolean Search (And, Or, Not) -- AND operator (Ctrl + A) will bring up all folios containing two or more query or search words all appearing anywhere within a given folio. OR operator (Ctrl + O) will bring up all folios containing one or more of the query or search words. NOT operator (Ctrl + N) will bring up all folios contain the first query or search word but not the second.

Quantitative Searches -- the following example will demonstrate how to perform quantitative or statistical analysis of information contained within the Pennsylvania Gazette.

1. type "slaves liberated"

2. add to the above South

3. add to the above Women

The first step will provide you with all records containing the phrase "slaves liberated." The search parameters may be further defined by adding the name of a geographic area, a state, etc. The scope may be further manipulated by adding dates, gender, clothing styles, cities, rewards offered, etc.

Accessing and Operating Images

The images are accessed by placing the cursor under Program Link and pressing <Enter.> To operate the image use the following commands:
Zoom function Zoom In (Ctrl + F1)
Zoom Out (Ctrl + F2)

Scroll Function

Scroll DOWN Page Down Key

Scroll UP Page Up Key

Print Image PExit to Text Esc

Help ?

Printing Select "Print" from the File Menu or press (Ctrl + Print Scrn). Select the scope that matches the information you need. Select all other option desired. Make sure that the path "save settings to" defaults to C:\. Press <Enter> to print the information specified.SavingSelect "Save As" from the File menu or press (Ctrl + S). Type a filename and indicate the scope that matches your selection. Select all other options desired. Press <Enter> to save the information specified.

For More Information :

Consult the on-line help.

Send comments to the SML Reference Desk