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  Comparison of the Patrologia Latina Databases:
Online CD-Rom


PLD CD-Rom  PLD Online 
Usability  Unfriendly to non-fluent scholars; all instructions in Latin  all instructions in English 


Ease of search  Confusing table of contents of search results  Long list of results in context, harder to analyze visually 
Speed  Very slow  very fast--about 50 times faster 
Multi-tasking  Easy to view multiple searches next to each other  Only one window available at a time 
Browsing  Lists of titles; extensive annotated paper bibliography  Links to each volume and work, but no bibliography 
Accessibility  Accessible only from PC#1 (a popular computer in the ETC) Accessible from any terminal with a Yale IP address 
Printing  Easy to print large sections of text  Necessary to highlight and print screen by screen 
Saving  Easy to copy to disk  Necessary to copy and paste 
Verdict  Better for long, intensive, searches where lots of saving is necessary  Much better for quick, simple searches where speed and user-friendliness are important

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