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The ETC is primarily devoted to providing access to fulltext resources housed locally and online. These resources are listed on the Holdings page of our website; many are also cataloged in Orbis.

The ETC also provides the following text markup software to prepare texts for electronic search:

  • SoftQuad Panorama

  • (Version 2.0)
    Windows application which allows users to search SGML texts.
  • Micro OCP

  • (Oxford Electronic Publishing)
    DOS program which makes concordances, indexes, and word lists from texts in a variety of languages and alphabets.
  • Textual Analysis Computing Tools (TACT)

  • (Center for Computing in the Humanities)
    Windows application which creates databases from ASCII text. TACT allows text-retrieval and sophisticated statistical analysis of texts marked up in a number of languages.
  • WordCruncher
  • DOS program which indexes text files so that users can search, retrieve, and gather statistical information about texts.

    Scanners are available for the use of library staff. Support for scanning, however, is not provided; staff are asked to turn to members of the Library Web Advisory Group Teaching, Learning and Communicating group for scanning instruction and support.
    Students seeking to scan documents are asked to use the Academic Computing Clusters. Faculty are asked to consult the ACS Faculty Support Program for scanning and web page assistance.

  • WordSmith

  • (Website)

    This suite of programs offers lexical analysis tools. The program can make concordances, indexes, and word lists from texts.

Last revised June 13, 2000 by Marianna McKim.