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Census 2000 Data Products at a Glance

Brief description of each census data product, the lowest level geography it covers, and release dates.

Census 2000 Data Options at Yale

Simple, intermediate and advanced options for obtaining a little or a lot of data.

Census 2000 Home Site

Census 2000 Notes and Errata (PDF)

Includes Count Question Resolution Corrections, as well as data, geography, and technical documentation notes on Census 2000 products released thus far.

Census Briefs

Census Briefs provide the first analysis of Census 2000 population and housing topics to the public. The briefs will focus on the most
important aspects of the topics, as well as exploring the geographic distribution of the subject matter. There will also be a discussion of change in the subject matter since the 1990 census, if applicable.

Congressional Apportionment Reports

Census 2000 Redistricting Data News Releases (PL 94-171)

This Census web site contains press releases and tables for downloading and viewing (PDF and Excel). Use American FactFinder for detailed state-by-state data summaries.



StatCat includes information about Census 2000 data available on the Internet, on CD/DVD at the Yale Library, and through the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR). Search the keywords anywhere field for the words census 2000.


Census 2000 Geographic Products and Information
Links to TIGER/Line Files for use in a GIS package; Census 2000 maps, data files and reference resources with geographic information.

Census TIGER 2000 Data(Geography Network)
Census TIGER/Line 2000 is available to download for Geography Network users. ESRI is making this extensive data set available to download in shapefile format at no cost, so they are easily accessible with GIS software products, such as ESRI's ArcView GIs and ArcExplorer. ArcExplorer is available to download for free.

American FactFinder

Start with Basic Facts: Use the drop-down menus at the top of the FactFinder screen to select geography and theme for a static thematic map that can be printed or downloaded as a GIF. Maps with 1990 census data are available. The lowest level of geography available is state by county.

Thematic Maps reveal geographic patterns in statistical data. For example, a thematic map could show the population density of Iowa by census tract. To create a thematic map, choose a geographic area, then select the data to display. The default data set is the Census 2000 Redistricting Data (PL94-171), but you can select from Census 2000 or 1990 datasets as available. You can zoom in and recenter, choose which boundaries and features to display, and identify geographic areas and values.

Reference Maps display administrative and census boundaries, including tract, block group, block and street boundaries. You can choose which boundaries and features to display, zoom in and recenter, and zoom in on a specific address.

Both Thematic and Reference Maps can be printed or downloaded in GIF format. These maps present data for the United States and Puerto Rico only.

LandView V: a viewer for EPA, Census Bureau, and USGS data and maps
Available at the Government Documents & Information Center, Mudd Library
Call number: C 3:301:L 23/2
LandView 5 contains selected Census 2000 demographic data from Summary File 1 (SF1) and maps based on the Census 2000 TIGER/Line files for all states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. These maps show both streets and Census 2000 legal and statistical areas (including Census 2000 Urban/Rural delineations). LandView 5 also contains recent EPA and USGS Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) data and maps.


Census 2000 Data for the State of Connecticut (Census Bureau)

Includes links to FTP Connecticut SF1 files, FTP and Excel tables for Profiles of General Demographic Characteristics, Excel tables of Redistricting Data (PL 94-171), related technical documentation, and Census Bureau press releases about Connecticut data.

Census 2000 Population Counts for Connecticut Towns and Counties

This table compares 2000 and 1990 figures, provides percent of change in population for each town and county, and lists each town's 2000 population ranking.
These tables include population counts for race and Hispanic/Latino populations. Each table can be downloaded as an Excel file.


Proximity: Census 2000 Data Access and Use

Software for working with Census 2000 data is available from this site, free for non-commercial download and use. The Cen2Shp software is used to extract data from Census 2000 files and integrate the data into map files (shapefile dbf's). The The ASC2DBF software can convert Census 2000 ASCII files to dBASE4 structure. The PL321 software can convert Census 2000 P.L. 94-171 dbase file set into a single dbase file.

This site also offers custom files developed by Proximity from Census 2000 data, such as ZIP Code Tabulation Area Demographic Data and U.S. by City/Place 1990 Census to Census 2000 Population and Population Change Summary File.

Columbia University, Electronic Data Services (EDS)

Extensive collection of useful links as well as help files produced by EDS, including SAS programs for reading ASCII files.

University of Virginia Library, Geospatial and Statistical Data Center (Geostat)

Special resources on this site include extracted redistricting data files and the US Historical Census Data Browser.

University of California, San Diego, Social Sciences Data Collection

Extensive collection of useful links. Some custom tables for areas in California.

Missouri State Census Data Center

Lots of links and a special page on Data Centers with Census 2000 Components.

University of Michigan Documents Center Census 2000 Toolkit

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Maintained by Julie Linden, Social Science Libraries and Information Services

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