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Yale University Library maintains library research workstations to provide access to electronic resources available on-site and via the Internet in support of research and learning at Yale University. For more details, please see Policies Governing Use of and Access to Yale University Library Public Workstations. See Cluster Support Services for details on computers maintained by Yale's Information Technology Services.

Technology Troubleshooting Office

Yale undergraduate and graduate students in the Arts & Sciences can bring their laptop computers and seek help here from ITS Computing Assistants in troubleshooting technical problems. Drop-in help is available, though appointments are preferred. Services include help configuring Proxy Server remote access to the campus network, reviewing virus protection software, and configuring Yale e-mail spam management utilities. To arrange an appointment see Getting Help. To review hours of support see hours information.

Network Access for Laptops

Wireless network access is available in many locations on campus, including Yale University Libraries. See Wireless Networking at Yale for more information and a list of locations with coverage maps .
Faculty, Students and Staff: should connect to the YaleSecure network using your netID and password.
Guests: access to the Internet ONLY (e.g., no library-licensed databases or printing) is available by connecting to YaleGuest network and agreeing to the terms in your web browser.

Network jacks are available for laptop computer use in Sterling Memorial Library (Starr Reference Room), the Engineering & Applied Science Library, the Kline Science Library and the Social Sciences Library. Check for availability in other libraries at the library's Reference Desk.
If you have been assigned a carrel in Sterling Memorial Library and need its network jack activated, contact Access Services .


In all libraries except Medical:
Copies are 15 cents each. Color copies are $1 each. Copy cards may be purchased and provide a variable discount based on how much value is added to the card. See the card vending machines or enquire at a service desk for details.
Medical library:
Pay for printing using a Copico card at the Medical Library. Read the Frequently Asked Questions about copies in the Medical Library.

Printing from Computers

Pay for printing using Uniprint at the following libraries: Arts, Bass, Divinity, Engineering, Geology, Kline Science, Math, Social Science and Sterling Memorial Library. Printing is 7 cents per image.
To print from the public computers, you will need a printing account . See ITS Print Account Management to add funds to your account, look up your transactions, and create a PrintID if you are a visitor to Yale. See the ITS Distributed Printing Overview for general information about establishing a printing account, adding money to the account, and printing.
Instructions for printing from your own PC or Mac.
Pay for printing using a Copico card at the Medical Library. Read the Frequently Asked Questions about printing in the Medical Library.

Scanners for public use are located in the following areas:

Engineering Library - 1 PC
Kline Science Library - 1 PC
Arts Library - 4 PCs
Social Science Library - 2 PCs
Sterling Memorial Library/ East Asia Library - 1 PC
Bass Library – 1 Mac, 1 PC
CT Hall – 1 Mac, 1 PC
Dunham 120 – 1 Mac, 1 PC
MacDougal Center- 1 Mac
All residential colleges – 1 Mac
In addition, several of the graduate student departmental clusters include a scanner.

Self-Service Media Room open in the Lower Level of the Bass Library

Located in the basement of the Bass Library, the Self Service Multi-Media Room is available for use by Yale faculty, staff and registered students. For more information see the Collaborative Learning Center site.

Using Flash Drives on Library Public Workstations

Flash (USB) drives can be used on Library Public Workstations. To remove the drive click once on the 'Unplug or Eject Hardware' icon in the System Tray (icon has a green arrow and is located in the lower right near the system clock). Click 'Stop USB Mass Storage Device.' When you see a pop-up that says the drive may be safely removed, click OK and remove your drive. Important: Do not click twice on the unplug hardware icon. Double-clicking will result in an error message.

Workstations Available for Persons with Disabilities

Workstations specially configured for use by persons with disabilities are available at many Yale libraries. These workstations are wheelchair accessible, have large-print keyboards, trackballs and Zoom Text Software. Information on the use of these workstations is available in the library where they are located.

Multilanguage Workstations

All Library workstations are capable of displaying all supported languages. If you would like to request more we support additional languages, e-mail Library Web, Workstation & Digital Consulting Services.

Orbis Z39.50 Access

Z39.50 access will allow you to connect to Orbis (Yale Library Catalog) using client software such as EndNote. A preconfigured EndNote connection file for Orbis is available from the EndNote Help Page.

Note: Bibliographic records harvested from the Yale Library Catalog are not available for commerical use.

Orbis Z39.50 Parameters:
System: Endeavor Voyager
Server address:
Port: 7090
Database: voyager
Record syntax: USMARC or OPAC
Voyager Z39.50 attributes

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