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Gateway To Gazettes (G2G)

The Gateway To Gazettes (G2G) project proposes to take two unusually valuable resources, the gazettes of independent Syria and British Mandate Palestine for the period 1919- 48, and make them widely available to scholars. Official gazettes are the documents of record in which governments publish their laws and regulations, comprising bills, acts, regulations, decrees, and the like. For emerging nations, these documents are unusually rich sources for economic, legal, political, social, and cultural history; but precisely for such nations, access to these documents may be challenging. The gazettes have been difficult to locate and use, can be printed on bad paper, and are erratically collected. For a contested and important slice of modern Middle Eastern (ME) history, this project has every prospect of supporting major scholarly advance and a better-informed public debate.

Yale University Library, working closely with the Yale Law School, aims to bring together two key collections of Middle Eastern official gazettes held by Yale Library; the Syrian gazette in printed format (one of the unique copies extant in the United States) and the Palestine Gazette on 40 microfilm reels plus 5 supplementary print volumes. The project will create a digital representation of the publications and thus establish a basis for ongoing collaborative collections of digitized ME official gazettes.

Project Information: press release / project proposal/ selection list

Project Funding: Department of Education's Technological Innovation and Cooperation for Foreign Information Access Program / TICFIA Grants to Institutions of Higher Education / Conditions of Publication

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Project G2G will permit research on important historical materials from Syria and Palestine during vital years of nation forming.
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