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Roman scroll. 
Roman writing box. 
Quill pen and scroll. 
Sand shaker. 
Ink well and pen. 
Fountain pen and notebook. 
Pencils and scrap pad. 
Typewriter keyboard. 
Chisel and hammer. 
Brush and ink stick. 
Palette, brushes, and tubes.
Telegraph key.
Radio dials.
     The mural above the desk by Professor Eugene Savage.
     The bosses in Vault B adjoining the delivery desk: the 
central boss, grotesque from the cover of Queen Melissenda's 
Psalter; field bosses, a bird from the Psalter, and grotesques 
from the Flemish Book of Hours ( Brit. Mus. Stowe 17).

Elevator lobby.

     Vaulted ceiling with plaster webs. The corbels, starting 
at the left:

                                Shelving the books.
                                Sorting the books.
                                Shipping on small book truck.

     Center bosses of the vault: grotesques from the thirteenth 
century manuscript, Heures de Thérouanne. Bibl. 
nat. ms. lat., 14284.
     The iron doors of the elevators by Samuel Yellin. The 
figures, starting at the top left, represent Medicine, Law, 
Shipping, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Chemistry, Husbandry, 
Machine work.

Reading Room.

     Wood coffered ceiling, the panels filled with tracery. 
The figures along the cresting represent mediæval kings, 
scholars, churchmen, etc. Woodwork of oak. The windows 
decorated with heraldic shields.

Vestibule to the Periodical Reading Room.

     Vaulted ceiling, with painted plaster webs. The corbels; 
heads of the librarians:

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