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Senior Tutor, before 1805. [Imaginary head.]
James Luce Kingsley, 1805-1824.
Josiah Willard Gibbs, 1824-1843.
Edward Claudius Herrick, 1843-1858.
Daniel Colt Gilman, 1858-1865.
Addison Van Name, 1865-1905.
John Christopher Schwab, 1905-1916.
Andrew Keogh, 1916-.
     Over the door to the court are shields with the names 
of the assistant librarians:
Franklin Bowditch Dexter, 1869-1912.
Joel Sumner Smith, 1875-1903.
     The panel in the glass of the door: Daniel in the lions' 
den from the Nuremberg Bible, 1485.

Periodical Reading Room.

     Wood beamed ceiling with painted panels.
     The decorations in the lead work of the windows are the 
signs of the Zodiac, and the decorations in the glass are the 
months, seasons, etc.:

           January                                        July
           February                                      August
           Winter                                          Summer
           Aquarius - water bearer             Leo - lion
           Pisces - fishes                             Virgo - virgin

           March                                           September.
           April                                              October
           Moon (Monday)                         Jupiter (Thursday)
           Aries - ram                                    Libra - balance
           Taurus - bull                                 Scorpio - scorpion
           Hourglass                                     Venus (friday)

           May                                               November
           June                                               December
           Spring                                            Autumn
           Gemini - twins                               Sagittarius - archer
           Cancer - crab                                Capricornus - goat
           Mars (Tuesday)                           Saturn (Saturday)

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