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Exhibition Corridor.

   Vaulted ceiling, with painted plaster webs. The central bosses: grotesques from the fifteenth century manuscript Tres riches heures, of Jean due de Berry (Chantilly, Musee Condé), and grotesques from Heures à l'usage de Paris, fifteenth century ( Bibl. net. ms. lat., 10548).

   The remaining bosses: grotesques from manuscripts, alternatEng with floral bosses: laurel leaves, oak, ivy, grape, juniper berries and leaves, and maple leaf; St. Michael and the dragon, from the cover of a manuscript Statuts de l'ordre de Saint-Michel in the Bibliothèque Nationale; head from the title-page of He Bloody Brother, London, 1639; grotesques from Heures de Louis de Savoie, fifteenth century (Bibl. net. ms. lat., 9473).

   The iron gates by Samuel Yellin.

   The corbels, beginning at the northeast corner, near the iron gates, represent readers and students:

Fifteenth century scholar.
Group of three Greeks reading.
Student drowsing over books.
Reader with book and jug, smoking.
Reading an exciting book.
Reading a sad story.
Reading a humorous tale.
Scholar with a typewriter.
Guide with sightseer.
Student with radio earphones, books neglected.
Scholar and tutor, dress of seventy-five years ago.
Student with diploma, on top of the world.
The window decorations, beginning at the northeast corner, are woodcuts taken from early printed books in the library:
Frontispiece from Wynkyn de Worde, Ordinary of Christian Men.

Theseus and the Centaur—Plutarch.
Leander swimming the Hellespont—Plutarch.
Schoolmaster—Brandt's Ship of Fools.
Astronomia—sacro Bosco's Sphæra mundi, Venice, 1488.

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