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                           Reader by candlelight.
                           Lute player. 
     Two panels over the arches to the exhibition alcove:
                     Elihu Yale's coat of arms.
                     Yale University coat of arms.
     Linen fold oak panels by the fireplace.

Exhibition Alcove.

     Carved beamed ceiling.

Administration Offices.

     The floors of teakwood, the walls oak paneled, and the 
ceilings of plaster with plaster cornices, with the exception 
of the oak-beamed ceiling in the waiting room.

Waiting room: The decorated panels in the glass and 
stone screen: woodcuts by Jost Amman:

The Cloth Maker.
The Wagon Maker.
The Potter. 
The Painter. 
The Miner. 
The Coin Maker.
The Carpenter.
The Merchant. 
The Doctor. 
The Sculptor.
The Baker. 
The Organ Player. 
The Barrel Maker. 
The Wood Engraver.
     The decorated panels in the windows from old maps:

      Portion of Africa from Fra Mauro's map illustrating Cadamosto's 
voyage beyond Cape Blanco.
      The West Coast of Africa.
      A Ship.
      The voyage to Cape Blanco from Cape Bojador.
      Peru and South America.

Associate Librarian's Office: The panel in the door to 
the corridor is from an old map of New Netherlands; the 
other panels in the glass screen between the office and the 
corridor are from Jost Amman:

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