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Staff Lunch Room [No. 107 M ].

     The window decorations are:

               Cornucopia with fruit and flowers.
               Flaming plum pudding.
               Queen of Hearts and her tarts.
               Omar under the bough.
               Negro with a watermelon.
               Jack Spratt and his wife.
               Taffy and his marrow bone.
               Jack Homer.
               Boar's head.
Staff Rest Room [No. 112 M].

     The window decorations are heraldic shields in color.

Romance Languages Study [No. 207].

     The window decorations:

Dante and Virgil, Divina Commedia, Venice, 1493.
Petrarch, Trionfi, Venice, 1488. Triumph of Fame.
Ariosto, Orlando Furioso.
Boccaccio, Decamerone, Venice, 1492. Procession to the Garden.
Tasso, Jerusalem delivered.
Commedia delFarte, Scapino.
El Cid.
Santa Teresa, the Mystic.

Cervantes, Don Quixote.
Lazarillo de Tormes—Picaro.
Camoens, Lusiad. The giant Adamastor.
Lope de Vega, Cloak and sword drama.

Romance Languages Seminar [No. 210].

     The window decorations:

Chanson de Roland.
Romance of the Rose.
Rabelais, Gargantua.

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