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Stair No. 3, Second Floor.

     The window decorations, two warriors from Primer 
Libro de don Polindo.

Stair No. 3, Third Floor.

     The window decorations, two illustrations from Blake:

Songs of innocence.
Songs of Experience.
House Collection [No. 307].

     The window decorations:

Lloyd George and Lord Reading.
Wiseman and Plunkett.
Northcliffe and Tardieu.
Paderewski and Venizelos.

Woodrow Wilson.
Georges Clemenceau.
Edward M. House.
Balfour and Grey.

Benson and Bliss.
Lansing and Polk.
Orlando and Sonnino.
Makino and Chinda.

History Seminar [No. 310].

     The window decorations, primitive man.

History Study [No. 3 11 ] .

     The window decorations:

              The Phoenicians.
              Tartar invasion of Europe.
              Theodoric the Great.
              The Crusades.
              King John signing the Magna Charta.
              The landing of William the Conqueror.
              Luther nailing his theses on the door at Wittenberg.
              Frederick the Great.

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