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Political and Social Science Seminar [No. 318].

     The window decorations, the development of trade, 
starting at the right:

                     Greek merchants.
                     German merchants of the fourteenth century.
                     Indians trading with the whites.

Law Seminar [No. 319].

     The window decorations:

                          Court scene, from an early woodcut.
                          Ordeal of Cold Water.
                          Trial court at Prag, 1536.

Closet [No. 320].

     The window decoration:

                                   Maat, Goddess of Justice.

History Seminar [No. 322].

     The window decorations, scenes from the history of 
the United States, starting at the right:

                  Pizarro, Conqueror of Peru.
                  Columbus discovering America.
                  Quinnipiak settlement.
                  Boston Tea Party.
                  Lewis and Clark expedition to the Northwest.
                  Lincoln and his proclamation abolishing slavery.

Babylonian Collection.

Seminar [No. 323]. The window decorations:

Babylonian lion. From Nebuchadnezzar's Procession Street in Babylon. 
Head of Bearded Assyrian. Bas-relief from an Assyrian Palace.

Curator's Office [No. 324]. The window decorations:

Human-headed winged bull. From the Palace of Sennacherib at Nineveh. 
Captives bringing tribute to an Assyrian king. From an Assyrian Palace 
       at Nimroud.

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