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Tablet Room [No. 325]. The window decorations:

Bas-relief of a Phoenician galley. From an Assyrian Palace at Nineveh. 
Assyrian soldiers crossing a stream on inflated skins. From the Palace of
       Sennacherib at Nineveh.

Assistants Curator's Office [No. 326]. The window decorations:

Eagle-headed winged figure. From the Palace of Ashurnasirpal at Nimroud.
Two archers and an attendant. From the Palace of Ashurnasirpal at 

Study [No. 327]. The window decorations:

Sennacherib's camp. From the Palace of Sennacherib at Nineveh.
Royal chariót. From the Palace of Sennacherib at Nineveh.

American Oriental Society Library [ No. 329] .

     The window decorations:

Four from Sanskrit manuscripts.
From an Arabic manuscript of the Fables de Bidpai.
From a Persian manuscript of the Divan.
From an Ethiopic manuscript of the Miracles of the Blessed
        Virgin Mary.
From a Syriac manuscript.
Japanese picture fromAncient Tales and Folklore of Japan,
Confucius. From San tsze-king.
Two from the Book of the Dead.
Special Collection [No. 331 A].

       The window decorations:

                               Woodcut of St. Christopher, 1423.
                               Block book: Ars Moriendi.

Special Collection [No. 331 B].

      The window decorations, woodcuts from Jost Amman:

 The Binder.
 The Printer.
 The Paper Maker.

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