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Education at Athens, Didascaleum.
A Roman School, from a mural decoration at Pompeii.
Education at Athens, Palæstra.

A Monastic School.
The Mediæval Curriculum.
A Mediæval School.

A German Protestant School of the sixteenth century.
A Christian Brothers School.
Apprenticeship training in a gild.

Port-Royal des Champs.
A Typical Sixteenth Century School.
A Dutch Village School, 1662.

Father Pestalozzi at Stanz.
German Schoolroom of the eighteenth century.
A Naturalistic School.

Rev. Thomas H. Gallaudet teaching the deaf and dumb.
Little Red School House.
A Colonial Summer School.

Boston Latin School, 1635.
A London Dame School in 1870.
Hopkins Grammar School, 1700.

Education Seminar [No. 409 ] .

      The window decorations, famous educators:

Friedrich Froebel.
Johann Amos Comenius.
Jean Jacques Rousseau.
Heinrich Pestalozzi.
Horace Mann.
Roger Ascham.
Henry Barnard.
Education Study [No. 410].

       The window decorations:

  Begging students of the Middle Ages.
  Mediæval student reading.
  Heracles and his pedagogus.
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