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Religion Study [No. 508].

     The window decorations, scenes from the parable of the
Prodigal Son, from Spiegel der menschlichen Behältniss,
C. 1481.

Medical Seminar [No. 509].

     The window decorations:

Medical Study [No. 510] .

     The window decorations:

Woodcut of five botanists in council, from Hortus sanitatis mirror, 
       Augsburg, 1488.
An apothecary preparing a draught, from Hieronymus Brunschwig, Bach 
       der Vergift der Pestilenz, Strassburg, 1500.
The doctor in his laboratory, from Le Jardin de Santé, Paris, c. 1510.
Woodcut from Bartholomæus Anglicus, Le proprietaire des choses 
       tresutile et prouffitable, Lyons, 1500.
The physician's visit, from Bartholomæus de Glanvilla, De las 
       propriedades de las cosas, Toulouse, 1494.

School of Nursing Study [No. 511 ].

     The window decorations, woodcuts from Jost Amman:

       The Apothecary.
       The Doctor.
Medical Study [No. 512].

     The window decorations:

Witch shooting pain into a man's foot, from Molitoris, De laniis et 
        phitonicis mulieribus, Reutlingen, c. 1490.
The physician, the surgeon and the pharmacist, from Guy de Chauliac, 
       Le Grande Chirurgie, Paris, 1890.
The manner of giving public instruction in medicine in the Middle Ages, 
       from Meaux Saint-Marc, L'Ecole de Salerne.

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