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 The fifteen buttresses on the High Street facade are 
surmounted by figures representative of the fields of knowledge 
covered by the classification of the contents of the library:
Moses, Religion.
Socrates, Philosophy. 
Herodotus, History. 
Columbus, Geography. 
Varro, Language. 
Shakespeare, Literature. 
Leonardo da Vinci, FineArts.
Bach, Music.
Adam Smith, Economics and Sociology. 

Justinian, Law. 
Aristotle, NaturalSciences. 
Galileo, Astronomy and 
Newton, Physics and
Æsculapius, Medicine. 
Vitruvius, Engineering.
     On the roof of the main entrance: a figure of a student.
     The figures on the roof of the Reserve Book Room: 
South, the Bibliophile, from Brant's Ship of Fools; North, a Scribe, St. Mark writing his Gospel, from the Bedford 
Hours; on the roof of Linonia and Brothers, a Student in 
eighteenth century dress.
     Two lanterns near the entrance: grotesques from the 
block book, Ars Moriendi.
     Two shields on each side of the entrance, with a ribbon 
band: on the corner of the Reserve Book Room, a Roman 
lamp and YALE in a knotted rope; on the corner of Linonia 
and Brothers, the same shields in reverse order.
     High Street front of the Rare Book Room, two shields: 
Laurel and sceptre, and Athenian owl and mistletoe.


     (Rare Book rooms, Exhibition rooms, Wall Street entrance, Lecture 
Hall, Shipping entrance, and Work rooms.)

     Inscription on the wall of the Rare Book Room:


     High shields on the Rare Book Room wall: a series of 
five designs repeated: oak leaves, pine leaves, ivy leaves, rose, 
and grapes.

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