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in a border made up of part of the mark of the Aldine Press 
in 1546-1554, and a winged lion from an old watermark.
     In the window embrasures of the Linonia and Brothers 
Library: the marks of famous engravers, selected by Professor 
Theodore Sizer:
Master E. S. 
Martin Schongauer. 
Albrecht Durer. 
Hans Holbein, the Younger. 
Lucas Cranach. 
Daniel Hopfer. 
Augustin Hirschvogel. 
Lucas Huygensz van Leyden. 
Hendrik Goltzius. 
Rembrandt Harmansz van Rijn. 
Master I. B. with the Bird.
Marcantonio Raimondi. 
Jacques Callot. 
Robert Nanteuil. 
Jean Honoré Fragonard. 
Honoré Daumier. 
Francisco Goya y Lucientes. 
William Hogarth. 
William Blake. 
Thomas Bewick. 
Kitagawa Utamaro. 
James McNeill Whistler.

Entrance Porch.

     Vaulted ceiling, with stone webs; six bosses; sea monsters, 
ship, compass, etc., from old maps; three from "The 
Northern Regions," Ortelius, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum,
1570; three from "The North Polar Regions," Linschoten, 
Navigatio ac Itinerarium,1599.
     Eight corbels: the winds, heads from "Charta cosmographia, 
Peter Apianus, Cosmographia, 1545.
     The iron grilles in front of the radiators by Samuel 

Vestibule, central bay.

     Vaulted ceiling, with painted plaster webs. Eight 
bosses: four initials from early Spanish and Visigothic 
manuscripts; four grotesques from Heures de Thérouanne 
(XI I Ie s.). Bibl. net. ms. lat., 14284, vol. 49.
     On the wall at the right: Memorial inscription.

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