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Reserve Book Room.

     Decorated plaster ceiling, with the arms of Elihu Yale 
in the central panel of the anteroom. The panels in the ceiling 
of the main room contain the initials of the ministers who 
founded the college:

A P [Abraham Pierson]

                    J W [Joseph Webb]                                       N R [Noadiah Russel]
T B [Thomas Buckingham]
                    S M [Samuel Mather]                           T W [Timothy Woodbridge]
J P [James Pierpont]
                    S A [Samuel Andrew]                                       I C [Israel Chauncy]
J N [James Noyes]
       The panels in the south window:

     A University lecture and lecture room, from a woodcut printed at 
Strassburg, 1608.
     Library of the University of Leyden, after an engraving by J. C. 
Woudanus, dated 1610.
     New College, Oxford, as it was in the fifteenth century, from 
drawings in the manuscript of Thomas Chandler, Warden of New College.
     The sergeants of the provosts of Paris apologizing in 1440 for 
having infringed the privileges of the clergy and the University.

       The twenty-eight panels in the east and west windows 
are grotesques from Walter de Milemete, Treatise. . . de 
nobilitatibus. . . .

Corridor to Yale Memorabilia.

     Four small windows looking into the Reading Room, 
with knights and ladies in the glass.
     Four decorated panels in the large windows between 
the corridor and the Reserve bookstack: Scenes from the life 
of Emperor Maximilian First, from Hans Burgkmair's 
Woodcuts of the Late Fifteenth Century.

Yale Memorabilia

     The woodwork with carved figures representing various 
types of readers and scholars. The panels on the bookcase 
ends represent undergraduate activities:

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