Cover of the April 1931 Yale University Library Gazette

The goal of this project, as outlined in the 1998 SCOPA grant proposal, was to make widely available the unique information about the Sterling Memorial Library provided in the April, 1931, Yale University Library Gazette.

In digitizing the Gazette, an effort was made to carry over the physical appearance of the artefact. Each page appears with much the same formatting, beside facing illustrations, as in the printed Gazette. The alternation of page numbers from left to right also reflects the original format. While the scanning of every page as an image was deemed unnecessary, all of the illustrations were reproduced, and sample pages throughout the document illustrate the appearance of the printed issue.

This Yale University Library project was carried out in the department of Research Services and Collections and was made possible by funding from the Standing Committee on Professional Advancement (SCOPA), with crucial support from John P. Coleman in the Library Systems Office. Susan J. Williams and Barbara Rockenbach in the Visual Resources Collection provided valuable guidance. Digitization was accomplished by Xiaoping Wang (Yale GRD  '99), Ryan Koh (Harvard '99), and Surry Schlabs (Yale '99) under the supervision of Marianna McKim, Librarian for Germanic Languages & Literatures and Comparative Literature. The website was designed by Joseph Law (Yale '00) and Marianna McKim, with substantial editing by Anahid Powell (Yale '01). Server space is provided by the Yale University Library Systems Office. The URL is http://www.library.yale.edu/gazette . Please direct questions or comments to Research Services & Collections.

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