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June 24, 2008

Green Team building

The Yale University Library Green Team is comprised of over thirty members, representing more than twenty departments from throughout the Library system. Under a mandate from the Yale University Librarian, Alice Prochaska, Team members work to generate increased momentum and facilitate the process of developing and implementing best sustainability practices at the University Library. In cooperation with the University's Office of Sustainability, and focusing on a grassroots approach, the Green Team is committed to a process that engages staff in gaining an understanding of our current patterns, calls upon creative dialogue to explore sustainable characteristics and the means to achieve them, and incorporates sustainability principles into our operational functions in order to influence our actions from the local to the global level. Green Team members educate their co-workers about the importance and ease of adopting sustainable office practices including green purchasing, energy conservation measures, and waste reduction and recycling efforts. The Green Team meets regularly to receive updates and information on Yale’s sustainability initiatives and to discuss the progress and challenges within our individual offices.

To help kick off the Green Team's work, Bob Ferretti, Education Outreach Manager for the Yale Office of Sustainability made a presentation to Library staff on his office's work and the initiatives happening across campus

Green Team membership is open to all Library staff members pending supervisor approval. Staff members interested in joining the Green Team should contact Tam Rankin.