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Junk mail genies

During the past several years, Yale Mail Services has been working with departments throughout the University to reduce the amount of unsolicited mail, or junk mail, it receives.

The program's website lists the following statistics:

To date we have updated almost 1,100 mailing lists for companies around the country. Below is a sample of pounds of mail we do not have to handle / sort deliver / pick up or dispose of. Some companies send out mailings monthly. We estimate the reduction in pounds of each mailing are:
Sigma / Aldrich - Savings of 1,080 lbs. each mailing !
L.L. Bean - Savings of 2,487 lbs. each mailing !
Land's End - Savings of 1,252 lbs. each mailing !
InMac Computers - Savings of 285 lbs. each mailing !
Global Computers - Savings of 638 lbs. each mailing !
The Library's central Shipping and Receiving department facility in Sterling Memorial Library has a receptacle for disposing of junk mail.