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Yale University Library Green Team

Green initiatives cited as cost-saving measures

In recent conversation about the budget, it has been heartening to hear recognition of the Library Green Team efforts to save money and other resources. I've listed here several of the recent measures that both promote environmental sustainability and reduce costs. It can be difficult to quantify how much money is saved by measures like this. If you see savings in your department, please document it and share figures with the Green Team.

Switch from 5-gallon Poland Spring water bottles to filtered water.

Report energy and water waste to Facilities (open windows, leaking faucets).

Switch to 30% recycled content copy paper, for which Purchasing has negotiated a lower price than virgin paper.

Conscious use of disposable products including plasticware, cups and towels.

Print double-sided. Change the default settings of your printer if you can.

Turn your thermostat down in winter and up in summer (if appropriate for your work environment).

Turn your computer off overnight.

Unplug any electronic devices or appliances when not in use.

Turn lights off when not necessary.

Do you have something to add to the list? Send your observation to Green Team chair Lisa Conathan.