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May 19, 2010

Bike Buddies Program Flourishing!

Ever since our Bike Buddies program at the Yale Sustainability Summit, enthusiastic members of our Library Green Team have been developing the concept and its manifestation. What started out as an idea to help the planet, and encourage Yale employees to bike to work, is now a networking group of dedicated bikers, one of whom has created a detailed bike buddies blog which includes how to find a bike buddy, virtual biking routes, faq's, and all current links to and info about the biking scene in New Haven.

Another powerful development is the current cooperation and sharing of information between the different sustainability groups and offices at Yale and in New Haven. This magnifies everyone's efforts, and spreads a clearer and bigger green signal.

Check out the informative blog at: http://bikebuddies.wordpress.com/ or contact bikebuddies.yale@gmail.com Let's make green choices!