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Primary source material can be found in newspapers, periodicals, manuscripts and archival material, government documents, maps, and dissertations. The tools listed below can be helpful in locating primary source material.

The Primary Sources Tutorial explains what primary sources are and describes the different formats of sources.

The Manuscripts and Archives Tutorial is designed to orient individuals to the methods for locating primary source material at Yale, particularly in the Manuscripts and Archives department The tutorial can also be helpful to those trying to find manuscript and archival material in other repositories.


  • Canadian News Index
    SML Reference (index case) AI3 +C2414 (LC)
    The Canadian News Index covers several news sources, including the following dailies: Calgary Herald, Halifax Chronicle-Herald, The Globe & Mail, Montreal Gazette, Toronto Star (including the Sunday Star), Vancouver Sun, Winnipeg Free Press. Library holds vol.4 (1980) - vol.16 (1992). Absorbed by Canadian Index in 1993.

  • Historical Newspapers Online. (Alexandria, VA: Chadwyck-Healy Inc., c1999-)
    Connect to Historical Newspapers Online
    Historical Newspapers Online provides reference materials for students of nineteenth- and twentieth-century history. Currently, it offers indexes to two newspapers: The Times (London) and The New York Times. The indexes permit searches for names, events, and concepts occurring across a period of almost two hundred years of British and American history. Historical Newspapers Online's index to The Times (London) is composed of two parts: Palmer's Index to the Times, which covers the period from 1790 to 1905, and the Official Index to the Times, which takes the coverage forward from 1906 to 1980.

  • Canadian Index
    SML Reference (index case) AI3 +C24 (LC)
    This series indexes Canadian magazines. Combines former publications Canadian Business Index, Canadian News Index, and Canadian Magazine Index. Not to be confused with the Canadian Index (to Periodicals and Documentary Films) published 1948-1976. Library holds vol.1 (1993) - vol.512 (Dec 1997).

  • Canadian Magazine Index
    SML Reference (index case) AI3 +C355 (LC)
    The Canadian Magazine Index covers about 200 periodicals, which are listed in the front of each volume and subdivided into subject categories. Library holds vol.1 (1985) - vol.8 (1992).Absorbed by Canadian Index in 1993.

  • Canadian Periodical Index
    SML Reference (index case) AI3 +C362 (LC)
    The Canadian Periodical Index contains a wide range of periodicals. It began under the name "Canadian Index to Periodicals and Documentary Films", which was often shortened on the spine to "Canadian Index." In 1977 it was renamed the Canadian Periodical Index. Library holds 1948-present.

  • Index to journal articles on Australian history ([Adelaide, Australia]: University of New England, [1976])
    SML Stacks, Z4026 H64 (LC)
    List of journal articles on Australian history up to 1973. Later volumes are on order.

  • Index to New Zealand periodicals (Wellington: National Library of New Zealand, 1966-)
    SML Reference Z6962 N5 +I53 (LC) (1966-1981)
    SML Microform Room, Fiche S551 (1987-present)
    Indexes about 220 New Zealand periodicals on a selective basis. A subject index with cross-references from author entries to the subject listing.

  • Point de repere: index analytique d'articles de periodiques de langue francaise (Montreal, Quebec: Centrale des bibliotheques, Bibliotheque nationale du Quebec, 1984-1993)
    SML Reference (index case) AI7 +P6 (LC)
    Indexes 200 periodicals from Quebec, 12 other Canadian titles, and more than 70 French language periodicals from Europe. Contains a detailed subject index and a book review index. Library owns 1984-1993.

  • Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature. (Minneapolis : H. W. Wilson Co., 1905- )
    Reader's Guide
    SML Reference, index case AI1 R43 (LC)
    Indexes popular magazines and journals throughout the 20th Century. For earlier citations, see the Nineteenth Century Readers Guide to Periodical Literature and Poole's Index to Periodical Literature .

Manuscripts and Archival Material

Search Orbis for Manuscripts & Archives

In Orbis, click on More Limits and select both Archives and Manuscripts selections from the Item Type section.  Set the Limits and use a keyword search such as
or canad? AND territor?

  • Archives New Zealand (National Archives of New Zealand)
    Connect to Archives New Zealand
    As "Memory of Government and Keeper of the Public Record", Archives New Zealand ensures access to, and preservation of, those official records which have significantly affected the development of New Zealand, the function of its government, and the lives and liberties of its citizens. The materials they hold take many forms including manuscripts, photographs, films, maps, tapes, plans, video recordings, books, paintings, drawings, and prints.

  • ArchivesUSA
    Connect to ArchivesUSA
    ArchivesUSA integrates three resources: The National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (NUCMUC), The Directory of Archives and Manuscript Repositories in the US (DARMUS), and The National Inventory of Documentary Sources in the United States (NIDS). Researchers can search descriptions of manuscript collections in the United States, link to information about the repositories, and locate the finding aids in NIDS, a microfiche collection in the Microtext Center of SML.
  • ArchiveGrid
    ArchiveGrid describes primary sources for material on family and corporate histories, personal papers, and historical records with direct search access to dispersed collections and collection descriptions.

  • National Archives of Australia
    Connect to the National Archives of Australia
    Spanning almost 200 years, the collection of the National Archives of Australia constitutes a vast and rich resource for the study of Australian history, Australian society and the Australian people. While most records in the collection are files, there are also significant holdings of photographs, posters, maps, architectural drawings, films, playscripts, musical scores and sound recordings. Their handy Getting Started page has information on searching and accessing their materials.

  • National Archives of Canada
    Connect to the National Archives of Canada
    The National Archives of Canada's ArchiviaNet is an automated research tool that allows the user to access a vast amount of information from various databases and automated systems. The Archives has a link to Provincial/Territorial Archives, as well as a link to a University of Saskatchewan site on finding Canadian Archival Resources on the Internet.

  • Yale University Library Finding Aid Database
    Connect to the Finding Aid Database
    The Yale University Library Finding Aid Database is a searchable database of manuscript and archival holdings in the Beinecke Library, Divinity Library, and Manuscripts and Archives Department. Currently, the vast majority of entries are for the Beinecke. People interested in searching the holdings of the Manuscript and Archives department should consult the printed finding aids available in that department.
Government Documents
  • AusInfo (Australian government information)
    Connect to AusInfo
    AusInfo is a source of Australian government information, with access to government publications, legislation, Commonwealth Acts and regulations, Australian Federal Awards, Agreements, and a host of other such information.

  • Australian government publications (Canberra: National Library of Australia, 1988-)
    SML Microform Room, Fiche S318
    This microfiche set includes entries for local, federal, state, and territorial publications. Microfiche sets arranged in two sequences: author/title and subject.
  • Canadian Provincial Documents page 1
  • Canadian Provincial Documents page 2
  • Canadian Provincial Documents page 3
  • Canadian Provincial Documents page4
  • Canadian Research Index
    Connect to the Canadian Research Index
    This database indexes and abstracts monographs and annual publications of lasting reference value from Canadian government and institutional sources. Includes Federal, provincial and municipal levels of government. Includes scientific and technical reports, statistical reports, policy papers, and annual reports. See also the Yale Government Documents Library page on Canadian Information.
  • LLMC-Digital
    Law Library Microform Consortium is a non-profit cooperative serving member libraries' needs for preservation, space recovery, and collection development on film and on-line and has filmed titles and volumes of interest to researchers in law and history. Its backfile comprises the world's largest collection of legal literature and government documents in microform.
  • New Zealand Government Online
    Connect to New Zealand Government Online
    This website provides an overview of New Zealand and its government, access to government services information, as well as government agency contact details.
  • Yale Map Collection
    Yale Map Collection web page
    Bibliographic tools for identifying maps.
    The Yale Map Collection consists of over 200,000 map sheets, 3,000 atlases, and 900 reference books. The Collection receives maps and charts on deposit from the U.S. government agencies, and through gift and purchase. The Collection also houses approximately 15,000 rare (pre-1850) sheet maps. Though these cover many areas of the world, most pertain to North America, the United States, and New England. A selection of Canadian maps can be viewed online. There is also a sizeable reference collection and a small, selective serials collection. Many of the materials in the collection are not listed in Orbis.
  • Dissertations and Theses - Full Text
    Connect to Dissertations and Theses - Full Text
    Obtaining copies of dissertations: common questions

  • Dissertation Abstracts International indexes dissertations accepted for the Ph.D. and other doctoral degrees by American and Canadian degree-granting institutions. Dates of coverage 1861 to the present. Coverage is identical for all formats, although the online version of the database does not include abstracts for dissertations prior to 1981. Issued in three parts after 1969:
    • Dissertation Abstracts International. Section A: Humanities and Social Sciences(1969-present)
    • Dissertation Abstracts International. Section B: Sciences and Engineering (1969-present)
    • Dissertation Abstracts International. Section C: European Abstracts (1976-1988) and
      Dissertation Abstracts International. Section C: Worldwide (1989-present)
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