Yale University Library

Digital Preservation Committee (DPC)

Meeting Notes prepared by Bobbie Pilette


Date:  February 14, 2005, 10:30


Present: David Gewirtz, , Ann Green, Bobbie Pilette, Kevin Glick, Audrey Novak

Absent: Nicole Bouche,


Topic for the day was “Security”.  David presented a couple paragraphs which prompted discussion as to what do we want to include in security—audit trails, authenticity, IP (the idea of a firewall to protect objects from malevolent programs or persons?), redundancy?  The group agreed to use “Trustworthiness” as the overarching idea rather than “security”. 


As part of the discussion there was also a question of who is responsible for digital preservation and security.  The question as to who is responsible for digital preservation has been tabled for the moment.  However, the question as to who is responsible for the digital preservation was agreed that it would need to be whomever is running the system.


Who is making preservation decisions was also discussed comparing the New Zealand Library/Australian model and the Harvard Digital Repository model.  Australian model has the curators responsible for the preserving—total decision on the technical aspects and controlling it.  Harvard model is more a joint effort with the technical folks laying out technical requirements and the curators choosing what kind level of preservation they want based on what the item is and how important/valuable the material is to the collection.  We are following more closely the Harvard model—it is a joint decision with each party using their area of expertise—technical based or collection based—to ensure long-term preservation.


Access—a short discussion among the committee on access showed very different views on what that means.  This will be tabled until the Feb 28 meeting. 


Action:  Kevin has agreed to forward to the committee a PowerPoint presentation on Trustworthiness.  David would then take the points within the presentation and use those along with the work he’s done thus far to pull together a document for discussion next week.


Next meeting:

Trustworthiness – David

Lifecycle - Ann