Yale University Library

Digital Preservation Committee (DPC)

Meeting Notes prepared by Bobbie Pilette


Date:  January 3, 2005, 10:30


Present:  Nicole Bouche, David Gewirtz, Kevin Glick, Ann Green, Bobbie Pilette,

Absent:  Audrey Novak


Meeting Topic:  Life Cycle


A quick review of the update presented at Integrated Access Council brought a discussion of when it would be appropriate for us to ask for input.  The decision was to put out for comment and have meetings for any interested parties in the university once we have a framework completed.  This will be for a fixed time and the idea will be that this is the chance for input, which will be seriously considered and the committee than making the final decision on what will be the final version. 


Discussion regarding how the Metadata Committee and the DPC fit together.  Ann as liaison will be able to let us know when a joint sub-committee will be needed to work on issues relevant to both Metadata & DPC.


There was discussion regarding what we thought was the library’s responsibility for licensed e-content.  Some confusion existed so it was decided to pose the question to involved parties:  Meg Bellinger, Kimberly Parker, Ann Okerson, David Gewirtz to get their understanding and then take it from there. 


Topic for the meeting:  Life Cycle Management

The attached “Life Cycle of Digital Information Objects & Digital Life Cycle Management” document was the basis of the discussion.   This document was not intended to be a draft policy, but was an aggregation of concepts from a set of documents about the “digital life cycle” and DLC management. 


Discussion followed about the varying definitions and interpretations of life cycle stages and the tendency to interpret these stages independently rather than as an inter-connected non-linear system.   As an example of this concept, we talked about the importance of understanding the implications of using standards and best practices at the creation stage of digital resources in relation to long term preservation goals.  We also acknowledged that not all resources are created with the intention of long term preservation, and that there will be a range of life spans within the life cycle system.  However, the preservation policy would best refer to this concept of digital resource life cycle but not necessarily contain an extensive or detailed description of all of the stages or considerations.


Conclusion of the discussion is that we confirmed the need to mention something in the document about the importance of incorporating preservation activities and goals into an overall life cycle view of digital resources. 



Bobbie to send out an email regarding the licensed e-content.

Ann & Kevin work out a statement to be included in the policy regarding “life cycle” for the rest of the committee to react. 

Reschedule next Monday’s meeting to another day—Tues or Wed.