Yale University Library

Digital Preservation Committee (DPC)

Meeting Notes


Date:  November 1, 2004, 10:30


Present:  Nicole Bouche, David Gewirts, Kevin Glick, Ann Green, Audrey Novak, Bobbie Pilette


Practical issues of meeting place and when next to meet were discussed as a number of committee members have upcoming conflicts.  Final decision was to meet on November 22nd at 10:30 in the Hall of Graduate Studies (HGS) coffee shop.


The draft charge was passed out for review and comments.  Suggestions were made and the changes are reflected in the final charge which will be sent to all committee members along with these notes.


A brief outline of what the committee is to do over the next 36 months.  Briefly it is to develop a mission statement from which all the policies, procedures and recommendations for a digital preservation program will flow.  It is not our responsibility to create a system, that is, a box, for digital preservation but to make the recommendations that will enable program to be put in place.


Each of the committee members involved in various aspects of digital projects then gave a brief description.


Ann is working on a white paper that will describe repository functions and how they relate to digital preservation.  She is in the process of visiting between 5&6 institutions. With a subset of the PREMIS survey questions as well as other reports she is developing a set of questions that are used to guide these visits.  This work is not designed to deal with the “what” of preservation but to discuss the possible “hows”.


DPC has a strong relationship with the IAC Metadata Committee as we start to develop policy and procedures for digital preservation.


Kevin is involved with the ERA MssA&ITS 18 month electronic university records preservation project.  This is positioning documents so that they could be moved into a preservation repository for university materials.  At the moment they are using LiveLink which is functioning as a bridge to a repository.


The other project is the HPRC research grant project being done jointly with Tufts.  This is looking at Fedora as a possible repository.  There are 3 components to the project: 1)looking at the research and policy of all institutions currently using Fedora as a means of developing a set of criteria to evaluate systems to be archived; 2)working out ingest of records from an active system to a repository; and 3)how to manage the OAIS components within Fedora.

He is currently working with NEDCC on an IMLS grant to design a survey tool for digital collections.  Other folks working on this are:  Stephen Chapman, Harvard; Steve & Rebecca from the field service program at NEDCC, and folks from MFA & OCLC.  The focus at the moment is on museum collections.


InterPARES II is another project that we may want to consider as we develop our mission and policy statements.  Kevin is involved with Policy and Metadata committees.  The policy committee will be looking at open source systems and standards.  The metadata committee is concerned with a global metadata registry tool. 


It was agreed that the thesaurus that InterPARES II is developing would be useful for the committee to have access to as we work through our tasks.  Kevin will arrange access and get the url to committee members. 


Audrey reminded us that Yale is participating in the LOCKSS program with two serial titles. 


David is involved with PREMIS as a member of the Implementation Committee and the Core Committee.  The Core Committee report is coming out in December and he will be able to keep us informed on that upcoming report. 


Next steps:

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