Yale University Library

Digital Preservation Committee (DPC)

Meeting Notes


Date:  November 29, 2004, 10:30


Present:  Nicole Bouche, Kevin Glick, Ann Green, Audrey Novak, Bobbie Pilette, David Gewirtz


Copies of the CoDGeR [Committee for Digital General Resources] policies will be sent to all:  Expectations of Yale Univ regarding Creating Archives of Perpetual Access to Electronic Resources & Criteria for Defining Electronic Resources that Possess Archival Value to Yale University. 


Bobbie will put out a call for written policies on YULib as we have discovered that we will need to reference a good number of them in the process of creating a digital preservation policy (dpp).


It was also agreed that in rolling out the policy we must remind folks what other policies are related to the implementation of the dpp and may be missing.


The discussion focused on the policy statement.  The use of “long-term” as the time frame for preserving digital materials was discussed.  Other terms proposed were permanent, indefinite, current and future, and enduring.  The decision was to use “enduring” as the time frame in the policy.  It was felt that this was flexible but conveyed the message of as permanent as we can guarantee at this time. 


Using the Columbia dpp as a starting point the questions raised were:  What are we preserving—content, and what do we mean by content, physical media or file format [look & feel]?  At what point does the dpp “kick in”?  It was agreed that when selectors, curators and preservation experts decide something has enduring value then the dpp comes into play.  Up to that point it is the digitizing policy, yet to be developed and will grow out of the dpp.  There was also the recognition that preserving things of less than enduring value may be valid—the concept of different stages/categories.  The thought was to look at how Harvard has described those stages.


Next steps:  After further discussion it was decided that each member of the committee would draft a brief policy statement.  The statement would be the basic philosophy of digital preservation for Yale.  One of the starting points for this would be to use the 2nd & 3rd paragraphs under Columbia’s Policy and to include the statements on preventing/reversing damage and authenticity. 


Statements will be brought to the next meeting, Monday, Dec 6th, and if possible shared prior to that.