Yale University Library

Digital Preservation Committee (DPC)

Meeting Notes prepared by Bobbie Pilette


Date:  November 6, 2006.


Present: Bobbie Pilette, Audrey Novak, Kevin Glick, David Gewirtz

Absent: Rebekah Irwin, E.C. Schroeder


The summary draft of the presentation to IAC was reviewed and comments made.  Audrey will re-work and send it out as email to the IAC members. 


A review of three of the best practice documents (Fixity, Format Registry, RDF) was done with some general comments.  However, most of the discussion focused on who is the intended audience of these documents.  This lead to the idea of creating introductions to the documents for the non-technical folk that explained the need and recommendation. Within the introductions would be links to the documents themselves for those interested in or needing to know the more technical aspects. 


A step back further in the discussion raised the issue of our having not identified what are preservation strategies for digital material.  Kevin said he had created a document for InterPARES on this.  This also ties into the concept of the ‘elements of form’ and defining what is preserved which will need to be addressed in some way. 


Activities to be done:

    By November 13th:

·        Audrey:  Create an annotated Table of Contents for the Best Practices Documents

·        Bobbie:  Draft an overall introduction as to the need for Best Practices

·        David:  revise the Format Registry best practice to include an update on the Global Digital Format Registry (Harvard’s Mellon Grant project)

·        Kevin:  send out the InterPARES preservation strategies document

    By November 20th:

·        David:  re-work the RDF and METS best practices documents


Next Meeting:

·        Monday, November 13; discussion of other best practices

·        Monday, November 20

·        November 27 meeting CANCELLED


Next IAC meeting:

·        Monday, November 27, Room 409, 1p.m. – 2:30 p.m.


Committee members’ meetings unable to attend through December:

·        Bobbie: Nov 20

·        David:  Nov 13

·        Kevin:  Dec 11