Yale University Library

Digital Preservation Committee (DPC)

Meeting Notes prepared by Bobbie Pilette


Date:  December 2, 2005, 2:00


Present: E.C. Schroeder, David Gewirtz, Bobbie Pilette, Rebekah Irwin, Gretchen Gano, Audrey Novak

Absent: Kevin Glick,


The committee as a whole met to exchange information on the progress of the two teams. 


Audrey gave an update on the Technical Infrastructure team.  Each team member has taken a single technical topic and will produce a document following the general outline of: introduction, what the topic is, role it plays in digital preservation, issues surrounding it, and short and long term recommendations.  The initial topics are:  Audrey, checksums; Gretchen, METS; and David, RDF.  To get this first set of documents ready will take a couple of weeks and to cover all the technical topics will take some months.  The focus for the technical topics are those surrounding ingest, storage, maintenance and consumption.   This will all be pulled together and mapped to the lifecycle as outlined in the ECAR.


Bobbie discussed where the Administration & Business model team is.  A draft job description is being used as a starting point.  From the responsibilities that are outlined a matrix of who and what areas this person will interact with is being developed.  From this it is felt we can start to look at associated costs and begin to develop a model.  The team also recognizes that ultimately there will be a two-part recommendation—the start up and the program expansion model. 


Decisions on how to proceed were made.  The teams will continue to meet weekly.  The committee as a whole will meet at least once per month or more frequently if a team decides a full committee meeting to exchange information or discuss progress is needed.  Audrey & Bobbie will meet next week to review what needs to be done and set target dates for various milestones.  The target dates will be sent to the committee as a whole via email.  Audrey & David will set up a Sakai site for the committee which will enable easy exchange of documents and tracking email correspondence.


Next Meeting:

·        Dec 19th, 4p.m.



Future Agenda items:

·        Preservation metadata discussion with Matthew Beacom and Joan Swanekamp