Yale University Library

Digital Preservation Committee (DPC)

Meeting Notes prepared by Bobbie Pilette


Date:  December 4, 2006 10:30 a.m.


Present: Bobbie Pilette, Audrey Novak, Kevin Glick, Rebekah Irwin (2nd ˝), E.C. Schroeder (1st ˝), David Gewirtz


Audrey announced that the contract with VTLS is pretty much completed. 


The status of the DPC is pending a meeting with Meg.  There have been no comments as a result of the presentation to IAC and the subsequent emailing of the documents. 



Digital Resource Maintenance & Preservation Strategies document was reviewed.  Agreed that listing advantages & disadvantages of the various strategies was useful and should be expanded as proposed.  Also pointed out that the use of carefully chosen examples would help clarify any confusion between: standards & normalization, migration & point of access migration.  There was a suggestion to add comments about what Yale is doing routinely under Maintenance Strategies and what is done on a system basis versus what is local practice. 


The Formats, Format Registries & Digital Archiving/Preservation draft was reviewed.  Audrey suggested that a section be added that talked briefly about the format tools such as JHOVE.  The best practice on the use of such tools is being written by another group.  The other point mentioned was the potential for confusion in saying format registries were used to preserve formats.  The question is: are we preserving formats or are we preserving digital objects?  To help clarify things the suggestion was to substitute ‘document’ for ‘preserve’ in some key areas.  Also, to see if the confusion is a concern to make some minor adjustments and then run the document by some folks for feedback.

In addition, Kevin feels that if this is a strategy then it should be mentioned in his document; he will work on that. 


Care & handling of analog materials; Bobbie handed out an outline of the various issues and asked for any feedback on things left out or any clarifications needed.  The document prompted a discussion on what about care and handling of the new digital objects.  Who is going to give the creators direction on what to do with the created object?  Rebekah said that DPIP was looking to the DPC for such a document.  After discussion it was decided this is something that should be jointly created by DPIP and DPC as there will be aspects of the document that are not related to preservation. 


Where we are now.

Audrey reviewed some of the best practices that are underway:


Next Steps:

Dissemination of the information to Yale staff of the information is needed.  Discussion of posting the documents to the web site and sending out an announcement on Yulib was suggested.  Also, once the future of the DPC and the next steps are known, roll all the information out to the Yale Library staff with a forum would be useful. 


Activities to be done:

·        Digital Resource Maintenance & Preservation Strategies – Kevin will continue to work on

·        Formats, Format Registries & Digital Archiving/Preservation – David will continue to work on

·        Care & Handling of Analog Materials – Bobbie will continue to develop

·        Rebekah – will check with DPIP on jointly developing guidelines for creators of digital conversion projects.



·        DigCCurr2007: International Symposium on Digital Curation April 18-20, 2007, Chapel Hill, NC – David G. preparing a paper

·        Best Practices Exchange 2007:  Libraries & Archives in the Digital Era, May 2-4, 2007, Chandler, Arizona  www.bpexchange.org


Meetings Schedule:

·        December 11

·        December 18

·        December 25 and January 1 Holidays –cancelled

·        January 8

·        January 15, Holiday –cancelled


Next IAC meeting:

·        Monday, December 11, 1-2:30p.m.


Committee members’ meetings unable to attend through December:

·        Bobbie: January 22