Yale University Library

Digital Preservation Committee (DPC)

Meeting Notes prepared by Bobbie Pilette


Date:  February 13, 2006, 10:30


Present: David Gewirtz, Bobbie Pilette, Rebekah Irwin, Gretchen Gano,

Absent: Kevin Glick, E.C. Schroeder, Audrey Novak


The committee as a whole met to exchange information. 


General discussion on where various digital activities are in the library:

q       VITAL/Fedora report, David did a quick synopsis saying that the conclusion is there is no application in this case where one size fits all and ultimately we will need a spectrum of services for a repository.

q       Updated folks on the Preservation Metadata task force.  PREMIS is the standard for YUL and there will be a task force that will be formed to work on how PREMIS will be used at YUL with some real life examples.  Also, looking into having Robin Wendler from Harvard come and speak about PREMIS.

q       Talked about how DPIP and DPC might work together: 

§         A good place to start might be with the costs issue.  A number of folks are looking at digital costs from a variety of angles.

§         Also include Jen Weintraub in some discussions with the policies and best practices task force. 

§         Maybe have DPIP and DPC sponsor a joint forum on the Beinecke’s review of JPEG2000.


Next Meeting:

·        February 20, 2006, 10:30 a.m. Law Library Dining Room


Future Agenda items:

·        Comparison of task force work deadlines and when the committee as a whole should meet.

·        Schedule review

·        Brief updates on progress to date