Yale University Library

Digital Preservation Committee (DPC)

Meeting Notes prepared by Bobbie Pilette


Date: March 13, 2006, 10:30


Present: David Gewirtz, Bobbie Pilette, Gretchen Gano, Kevin Glick, Audrey Novak, Rebekah Irwin

Absent: E.C. Schroeder


Updates: Kevin and David are going to the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL) meeting in Chapel Hill, NC, in June.


The first part of the agenda focused on organizing an approach to the joint committee meeting being held on March 22nd. This is a meeting of DPIP, DPC & Metadata committees to try and coordinate our digital efforts. Audrey stated that one of the goals for this joint meeting is identify the mechanisms to do the work that is needed and not to try and do the work in this meeting. The other goal is to establish a timeline for communicating among the different committees with regards to tasks accomplished.


The proposed agenda is: introductions, round robin session by the chair of each committee as to what they are doing. Then the bulk of the meeting will be spent discussing the areas of common interest and how to approach the work. Various means of structuring this part of the agenda were discussed. There are 6 points that Audrey feels should be covered:

  1. Metadata
  2. Standards & best practices
  3. Issue formats
  4. Tracking events
  5. Repository in the largest sense of the word
  6. Collection registries [David can speak to this]


The idea was proposed of using the lifecycle as an outline to identify where the various groups will be responsible for these points. Audrey was going to work on this idea and it will be discussed next week.


The 2nd agenda item had to do with some work the Administrative Task Force has been doing with regards to the personnel needed for a digital preservation program. Committee members gave feedback with regards to the document explaining the Digital Preservation Coordinators position. In general the feeling was that for the initial program what was presented was fine. However, it was felt that the program as it developed would very quickly need a modified reporting structure [creation of a Digital Preservation Office?] and more staffing [product managers?]. The question also arose as to who was managing the digital preservation repository. Bobbie agreed to take the suggestions and develop the model further.

Future Agenda items:

        Brief updates on progress to date

Next Meeting (March 20, 2006 Law School):

        Review of agenda for joint meeting